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My '55
I enjoyed your cover of the orange and silver '55. Hope to see more as I am an owner of a '55. What started out as "fix a little spot" has become a frame off restoration. I am the owner of an automotive machine shop and have been able to do the work myself, but it has been a long project that I hope to have done in the spring of 2011.

This car will be powered by a 572 big-block that I built in my shop, have a Gear Vendor overdrive with a Turbo 400 transmission. It also has a 9-inch rearend with 3.91 gears. For the suspension and brakes, I'm installing coilovers with disc brakes. Also, all of this will ride on an aftermarket frame and painted tangelo. Thanks & I enjoy your magazine!
John Williams
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The More The Merrier
Yes, Henry we would love to see more Tri-Fives in the book. Heck, I have five of them and love the way they look!
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Still Driven
Please add more Tri-Five Chevys to your magazine. Street driven ones will be great to see and I've included several photos of mine. I originally purchased it back in 1981 and it took me four years to finish her, and I'm still driving it today.
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More Products, Too! Yes, as a big-time Tri-Five guy I'd really like to see more Tri-Five articles with all of the latest products available for my rides. Keep up the great work and check out our car club at (I'm the VP). Mike Via email

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Rooster Call
Sean Haggai
It's not fun being constantly herded to and from one plane to another. Trust me though, I'm not complaining. Thankfully it's Sunday, I've caught an early flight home from Louisville, Kentucky, where I have been since Wednesday attending the National Street Rod Association. It's my first year there and the first year the NSRA has allowed muscle cars up to 1980 into their scene. Think of it as a SEMA-type show for the public. It's a total hands-on experience with plenty of automotive eye candy. Better yet, I was lucky enough to not only rub shoulders with legendary vehicle builder and designer Chip Foose, but he was actually on my flight. It's just cool to see the great people of this industry in person-working hard, just like us.

1012chp_02_o December_2010_chevy_high_performance_letters_and_news Editor 2/4

Hanging out with the tech editor of Lowrider magazine, Saul Vargas, allowed me the chance to not only meet some of the local shops in the Louisville area but we even hitched a ride with a local and he showed us some great locations for photo shoots. The trip was awesome and the Midwest hospitality is still alive and well.

Even if you aren't into the "Rod" scene, any gearhead could be happy at this show. There was a little something for everybody. With an attendance cap at just about 9,600 cars you could say there was quite a lot to look at. The first day of the show it poured. I have to tell you, being from the West Coast, we don't get to see storms like that. It literally blew in from nowhere. Being trigger-happy, I thought I would be smart and get a couple images of the storm from outside.

Little did I know the center of its wrath was directly above, including the thunder and lightning. I saw the flash and a millisecond later I had the look of terror and screamed; nearly jumping into an attendees arms as the thunder pounded the sky. It wasn't one of my proudest moments. It literally sounded like a freight train crashed in my ear canal. Yes, it was that loud. I ended up sprinting back inside to the safety of the Expo center. It's the first time I've ever perspired while in the rain. That just isn't right. While the weather didn't cooperate the first day, it did push the humidity level down for the rest of the week and made for a pleasant show experience. We can't wait for next year's show.


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