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My next car is my dad's old third-gen Camaro. It's an '84 Z28 with T-tops and use to sport a 454 as well, but I ended up replacing it with a 350ci out of his old truck. I don't see many of those in magazines either. Lastly, my other ride is an '88 Silverado 2WD shortbed that I acquired for cheap. Granted I know you guys aren't a truck magazine, but I love all my Chevys the same.

My main concern is why I don't see that many El Caminos in these magazines. Are they not that popular or are they just overlooked because of their cosmetic confusion of being a truck or a car? This also goes for Malibus of the same era and even the disco Novas, which I'm not particularly fond of.
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On the contrary, '79-87 El Caminos are getting more popular and are a very affordable way to get into the next generation of hot rods. When it comes to Malibus of that era, we've featured several nice ones as we've come across them. Third-gen Camaros are hot and we even have one in our fleet. One of the biggest reasons we haven't featured more is because we don't seem to run into them as often as we would like. We're at many events and it's pretty rare to see them. Give it time and I'm sure you'll see more gracing the pages of many magazines.

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More Flow!
Fifty-state legal headers and X-pipes are now available from Edelbrock to the improve sound and flow for 2010 Camaros. It's a bolt-on system that replaces OEM exhaust manifolds and includes shorty headers made from 17-gauge, 409 stainless steel and feature heavy-duty 3/8-inch laser-cut port flanges. Edelbrock's 21/2-inch X-pipe also replaces the restrictive OEM resonator system, allowing for balanced flow and an aggressive exhaust tone. It's manufactured in the USA from 21/2-inch diameter 409 stainless steel and Ti-Tech coated for durability and great looks. Clamps are included for an easy bolt-on installation.

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NHRA Approves Quick Fuel Technology CarburetOR
Recently, NHRA officials approved the cast-aluminum SSR carburetor from Quick Fuel Technology for competition in Stock and Super Stock Eliminator. The engineers at QFT designed the Super Stock Racing (SSR) carbs to the same dimensions and specs of the original counterparts and guidelines in the NHRA rulebook. These new carbs can be used in place of the hard-to-find and expensive competition-legal carbs for both classes. The SSR carb is lightweight, easy to tune, and simple to modify for multiple applications. The first carb available and legal at NHRA events is the 780-cfm model with vacuum secondaries (SSR-780-VS). Find out more at

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Rooster call
Sean Haggai
There is one key element that sets our industry apart from the rest and it's the dedicated enthusiasts who keep it strong. Recently, Henry D and I spent some time at the Goodguys Columbus, Ohio, show. Although the humid air and sweltering temperatures weren't its best selling point, it's one of the biggest shows I have ever been to. Attendees came in from all over the country. The turnout was spectacular with rows upon rows of cars for everyone's viewing pleasure. Honestly, we had a difficult time choosing which cars to shoot.

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