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October 2010 Chevy High Performance Letters & News - CHP Garage

Aug 26, 2010
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Longtime Reader, First Time Emailer
I have been subscribing to Chevy High Performance for 21/2 years now and have been picking up issues off newsstands for many years. I must say CHP is my favorite magazine out there. I have been a Camaro nut since my first car-a '68 RS-and have had many Camaros since then.

I currently own an '81 Camaro Z28 street/strip ride that I enjoy tooling on and hopping up for local cruises and the occasional dragstrip passes. You guys always have great tech articles and features that are not only informative, but enjoyable to read. Thank you very much for such an awesome way to spend my lunch at work and evenings on the couch in my garage-next to my Camaro, of course.

Also, I got this awesome hat when I signed up for a two-year subscription and I ended up wearing it out pretty quickly. Even worse, it somehow disappeared. I don't know if it was stolen, maybe my son lost it, or what, but I've looked everywhere for it. It was my favorite hat and I wanted to see if it would be possible at all to get another one. I would really appreciate it!
Gregg Sicari
Queen Creek, AZ

We just happen to have a new hat sitting here, so check your mail for a fresh one. We even added a few stickers. Enjoy and thanks for writing in.

Let me start by saying I subscribe to automotive mags based on their technical Q&A, so I just get one magazine, which is CHP. Enough flattery; I have a question for you. I have a complete Ram Jet 502 injection system, minus the fuel pump. Is this system capable of supporting a much more aggressive engine?
Tyler Murdock
Via email

The Ram Jet 502 system is a nice system that was originally designed and tuned for a GMPP crate motor. While it's a good system, the only adjustment you have control over is the initial timing. Should you decide to use the system; Rinda Technologies ( does offer tools to interact with the supplied computer.

Got Camera?
What kind of camera are you using for your tech stories and features?
Steve Virone
Via email

There's a wide variety of cameras used throughout the pages of CHP. On staff, we have everything from the Canon G-series for tech stories to the professional level 1DS DSLR for features and cover shoots. If you're looking to shoot feature-style images for yourself, you really can't go wrong with any of the entry-level Canon DSLR bodies. Nikon has a great selection too, so it really comes down to personal preference. That said, used EOS Rebels can be had for relatively cheap these days. Beyond that, you just need to get out there and practice, practice, practice.

Nova Passion
I really like your site and articles and I just wanted to tell you about how much I love my '72 Nova SS that I bought brand new. The past few years have been a little rough, considering I lost my house due to an illness. I ended up having my car towed to my family's place, where it sat for two years. More recently, I'm back into a home and was able to bring my Nova back to where it belongs: with me.

Since then I've repainted it and [was] even offered quite a bit of money for it, I didn't want to part with it! Why? This is the first car I've purchased new and I've left it mostly stock, right down to the original small-block 350, four-speed Muncie, and posi.

At 62, I still know that I will never get rid of it. I need to redo the interior and get new bumpers, but that's just a matter of time. I always hoped that a show would surprise and me and restore the car, but that may never happen.

I've noticed that Novas aren't as popular as the Camaro, Chevelle, or El Comino, but that's OK, I love my muscle car and I just wanted you to know how much it means to me.
Via email

We're glad to hear things are going well and that you're reunited with your Nova. Also, be a proud owner; Novas are a lot more popular than you think and there are plenty of people who would love to get into one.

Got something to say? We'll make you famous and put your letter here. Email us at

Rooster call
Sean Haggai
In the San Fernando Valley, local coffee digs are hard to come by. Lucky for me, I ditched the hustle and bustle of the Panera Bread eatery in favor of a more secluded corner coffee shop that serves up fresh baked goods and coffee, and even provide free wireless internet service. This means I can write as if I were at home or in the office and even get my cup of Joe as well; besides, it's delicious. It's the sort of place where the coffee techs (I refuse to call them baristas) know you by name and begin preparing your favorite coffee drink.

chp_02_o October_2010_chevy_high_performance_letters_and_news Writer 2/4

So why the change from a mainstream, corporate place to a locals only spot? Simply, I've never been a huge fan of the high volume of people that rotate through Starbucks like robots. To me, they all look a little stiff. At Gayle's Perks coffee shop you can pop in, grab your usual seat, and moments later your steamy drink arrives. I'm also a super-fan of their black tea. Perks serves up a very refreshing iced tea that's hard to beat. No, its not sweet-tea, but it gets the job done. At that point, it doesn't feel like work anymore and more like a great social hangout. It's sort of comical to see the same exact patrons there day after day. They must be doing something right. Either way, I can't tell enough people about this place and they serve some of the most delicious Panini style sandwiches I've ever had. Believe it or not, a lot of the edit you see from me has been hashed out here at Perks.

As I get older, the virtues of traditional mom and pop shops are becoming more important to me. I've always been a huge supporter of buying parts and services from local speed shops, but now that has expanded to other goods and services. It doesn't take much effort either; it just takes being more aware of what's local and a conscious effort on our part to patronize them.

In the end, I believe paying attention to local businesses will keep more of them around. Going a bit further, it's the same for our industry. This means visiting local newsstands for any printed literature. This also helps to keep magazines on the newsstands for all to be enjoyed and allows us to keep doing what we are doing. I think I'll take that turkey Panini now.

Department Of Corrections
Back in the August issue, we showcased the complete AutoRad radiator assembly ("Totally Cool," pg.46) being installed onto our Project F73 Camaro. In the caption, we inadvertently listed the bushing as a urethane piece. It's actually a core support mount (accessory component) supplied by Detroit Speed with their body mount kit. These trick pieces are CNC machined from billet aluminum, which are then hardcoated to resist corrosion and include their CNC machined stainless steel bevel washers. We even went with the optional 17-4 stainless steel flanged body bolts. For more information, head over to or call them directly at 704.731.0989.

chp_04_o October_2010_chevy_high_performance_letters_and_news Caption 3/4

Classic Industries Extends Hours
At a time when many restoration parts retailers are cutting back on customer service, Classic Industries is bucking the trend by offering greater service than ever. To better serve its customers as the world's largest distributor of GM restoration parts and accessories Classic Industries has extended its business hours! Beginning in June, Classic Industries will open its call center two hours earlier, now available from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. Their Saturday call center hours will remain unchanged, opening from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PST. Classic Industries hopes this move will better serve customers who were either previously unable to order over the phone due to scheduling or time zone differences. You can also check them out online at

chp_03_o October_2010_chevy_high_performance_letters_and_news Classic_industries 4/4



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