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Rooster Call
Sean Haggai
Well, we've had a good run and it's time to start winding down. Ah, well maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. I'm talking about letting go of my little turbo-four hatch that I've been commuting back and forth to work in.

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Backing up a bit, when I was originally hired, I was scooting around in a red secondhand four-banger. It had a five-speed, lowered suspension, four doors, and a hatch! Believe it or not, when I worked at QMP, I actually fit an assembled big-block short-block in the back. It was one of those cars you'll never forget. Whether it was for school or work, it did everything and more-except get chicks or win all-out drag races.

As the miles racked up, I decided to sell it in favor of a new model. This time around, it had a factory turbocharger, paddle shifters, and high-bolstered seats. Gas mileage is awesome and I regularly see 28 mpg plus! So why am I bummed out? Truth be told, it's a lease and has to be returned. In the short time the car has been in my possession, I've accrued 50,000 miles. I don't regret any miles though and the car has been a solid trooper. I guess all good things must come to an end?

I highly doubt you will be sad to hear that in little more than a year; my hot-hatch will be gone. All is not lost though since I've found its replacement. Cutting a page directly from Henry's line of thought, I had an impulse and I went with it. Let's just say that I will soon be rolling in a new-to-me '86 C10 Shortbed standard cab.

The truck literally fell into my lap from my friends at Rubio's Auto Body and I jumped on it. I've always wanted a truck and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get in one. You may spontaneously combust in a jealous rage if I ever decided to reveal how much I purchased the truck for; but as I said, I wasn't going to pass this up. It's full of potential and it already has fresh paint with a lowered suspension. In short, the truck will become my new daily driver and get me to and from the office. For now, I'm planning on a small-block stroker for go power and hopefully getting my grubby hands on a 700-R4 transmission for long distance sprints. Who knows, it may even become Brutus' future tow vehicle.


Goodguys Costa Mesa
We can tell you firsthand that Goodguys events are a total blast. More recently, we checked out the Goodguys Costa Mesa show and it featured plenty of show vehicles and a large crowd. Our favorite part was the autocross challenge, which had a record number of participants. To join the fun, all you just had to do was sign in, buckle up, and throttle through the cones. Who knows, you may even see the CHP team along the West Coast venues with their '72 Nova and '02 Z06. For a detailed schedule of events, log onto

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"I've turned down $10,000 more than a few times, I've done the same on $12,000 a couple of times, but you stick $15,000 cash under my nose and it's yours, trophies, calendars, and models too! Then I'm on to my next one."
-Done Deal Donny,

Math For Your Tires
Ever need help computing the different tire sizes for your project vehicle? If you are like us, the calculations can be a bit overwhelming at times. To discover the correct speedometer reading, check out the website below for easy-to-follow guidelines. Just fill out each tab and the calculator will do the math for you! TireMath.dos.

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A Near Miss
It may look easy, but don't discount the fact that things can still go wrong. While most autocross competitions are held in empty parking lots, it can still be a hair-raising experience. A lapse of concentration, too much throttle and you can be crossed up in no time; these skid marks prove it too. The driver came within inches of smacking one of the barriers head on.

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