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Kevin McClelland Jul 26, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Easy Answer
Q Will a 305ci Chevy drop into my '56 Chevrolet Bel Air and work to replace the 265ci stock engine? Will it attach to the three-speed Powerglide transmission already there? Sure would like an answer. Thanks.
John Saunders
Coxs Cove, NL, Canada

A Yes, the 305 will drop right into your '56. You state that the car is equipped with a three-speed Powerglide. The original Powerglide is a two-forward-speed transmis-sion, and in the '56 was a cast-iron case transmission. The starter bolts directly to the bellhousing and all early (pre-'62) flexplates are 14.125-inch, 168-tooth design. Not knowing what year 305 you have, you will need to make sure that you have the correct flexplate. The engine mounts will bolt to the front face of the engine block. The rear engine mounts come off the side of the cast-iron bellhousing of the Powerglide.

Swap all the accessories off the front of your 265 and bolt them directly onto the 305. This should be one of the most painless swaps to perform. Do your homework before tearing the car apart. Make the list of parts you will need and have everything ready for the changeover. Have fun!

Stock Tails
Q I run a '70 Nova D/SA, 350/396 combo. The Q-jet I have the best luck with has the little booster box on the backside of the divider plate in the secondaries. Do you see any advantage in adding this booster to the left side of the secondaries and have this on both sides? I know this was only on big-block cars and I understand why, but not all big-blocks had this. I run a stock, low-rise intake and I'm looking for a little edge. Thanks for your time.
Kendal Jones
Via email

A If you've been racing in Stock for any length of time, you know the only way to find anything in Stock is testing. We've tried things that people swear will give you e.t. and picked up nothing. Then we test things that people say did nothing for them, and we find a couple of hundredths. The small box on the rear of the divider plate helps with fuel distribution on the lower plane of your dual-plane manifold. Will the dual box divider plate help in your application? We've heard that it can; however, testing is the only answer. We've said it before, it's tough to find very small gains like these because track and weather conditions vary from run to run. You'll need to make many runs with the change to see if there's a trend in your e.t.'s.

The dual box divider plate you're looking for came in the later ('77-and-up) big-block pickup trucks. We're currently running the bracket engine and trans in our wagon. We have a new camshaft, intake manifold, and a handful of carburetor tricks to try before the West Coast Sports Nationals. We hope we can find a couple of tenths from these changes, since NHRA took three tenths away from us in index. But that's another story. Good luck with your stocker.

Tune Ports Forever
Q First, I love this magazine, I have checked out several others, but none compare to CHP. My question is about the Tuned Port Injection 350 in an '87 IROC. I purchased one, but the injection is missing. I'd like to run the tuned port in this car, but I don't have any experience with it. The car has what's left of a 305 in it right now, but I'd like to go with the 350 and try to get around 400 hp out of it and hear the cam. It is currently an auto trans, but I am going to go with a five- or six-speed when I'm done. I have been looking for books or any info on the Tuned Port Injection systems and always seem to come up short. Thank you, and please keep up the great work.
Chris Hicks
New Castle, IN

A You need to check in with our good friend Myron Cottrell at Tune Port Induction Specialties. Myron started hopping up the TPI-equipped small-blocks the very first year they came out, in 1985. He has now moved on to the LT1s and LT4s, and currently the LS family of engines. He and his team still have a passion for the TPI engines.

Back in the day, Myron put together Insider Hints Handbook, PN 900-024, a complete book of hop-up tricks for the TPI engines. This tuning manual gives you all the little modifications that add up to modest power gains. Then you can take the engine anywhere you wish with the complete line: intake components, camshaft packages, cylinder head porting, and computer calibrations to support all of your upgrades. Check with Myron at 952.448.6021. Tell him Kevin says hi!


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