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Block Help
I have a block with the casting number GM 14010201. Do you know what size and year this engine is?
Via email
Frank Martinez

According to our MSA-1 books, it looks like you have a 305ci small-block that was built between 1980-84. If you haven't heard of MSA-1, they offer complete books that list detailed information based on the factory casting numbers and suffix codes. Check them out at

Nova Love
I'm currently in New Jersey and finished reading through Chevy High and I'm in love with that Nova! I'm moving out to Los Angeles soon and need to hook up with [you] guys and I need to build a motor like that or better!
Via email

Since you didn't specify which Nova, we're going to assume you're checking out the latest issue with the 598ci big-block build for our '71 drag radial Nova. That engine is impressive to say the least and by far the wildest big-block we've ever produced. On that note, we're at most drag racing events on the West Coast, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

The Vitals
Thanks for the great picture and write up of my '69 Corvette in the June 2010 issue (pg. 80, "The Vitals"). Just one issue though; the engine numbers were transposed. Believe me, I'd LOVE to have a 472ci mill, but the number should read "427." Again, thanks. It's always great to open a magazine and see your own car!
Via email
Ken Johnson

Oops, sorry about that Ken. Still, we're glad to know you're happy and we're even happier that you took the time to submit your ride-a really nice one at that!

Unique Impala
Hi there! I'm checking to see if you guys might be interested in a FWD project that I've been working on and should come to fruition here soon. Project car is an '05 Chevy Impala base model currently with a 3400 LA1 running 16.8 at 82.84 mph. I'm pulling the engine and trans and swapping it for a supercharged LS powerplant.

The engine will be tuned by Intense Racing in Columbus and I'm expecting to make somewhere in the area of 280 hp at the wheels, but I'll be shooting for 300 hp. I know it's FWD, but it's a Chevy so I thought what the hey.
Via email
Will Anderson

Your Impala is a bit different than what we're used to seeing. Even so, be sure to keep us posted and send us images after it's built and let us know how your build turned out. Good luck!

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Free CHP Wallpaper!
If you're looking to spice up the boring background you have on your home computer or laptop, then head over to our site at Once there, hit the Wallpaper tab and it'll direct you to a list of images, all of which are presized, and can be downloaded with a simple click. Be sure to come back frequently, as we're planning to add new images from any number of photo shoots and events to behind the scene shots from various manufacturers.

Paint It At Home DVD
As many of you know, we tend to visit most forums that feature everything Bow Tie related. In this instance, one of our stomping grounds is, which specifically caters to second-gen Camaros. It's there we met Mark Eckert, who owns and operates Hammerhead Racing and Hammerhead Kustoms out of Edgewater, Florida. This is a talented guy who does it all, including building race cars and handling paint and bodywork. If you're interested in learning how to paint for yourself, Mark offers a two-disc DVD set for just $34.99 (four hours of video footage) that shows you the basics, explaining a number of topics to get you through the process. Don't expect to see a high-dollar film production; instead we're talking a no nonsense grassroots-style approach that really gives you a better perspective on how to paint. For more information, head over to or email the man himself at

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