August 2010 Chevy High Performance Q & A - Performance Q & A

Kevin McClelland Jun 17, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The last safety precaution we'd recommend is that you incorporate an MSD Window RPM Activated Switch PN 896 into your system. This will allow you to select when the nitrous is applied by rpm. To prevent engine damage, engage the system when the engine is at full throttle and above 3,500 rpm. Set the high side of the window switch to 5,500 rpm. This will give you a window of 2,000 rpm that the nitrous is activated and prevent excessive cylinder pressure at low rpm, where most of the engine damage occurs. Use this switch in conjunction with a Wide Open Throttle switch to ensure that you're at full throttle before the nitrous is engaged. Another nice safety feature of this is that you have both hands on the steering wheel when you're playing with the nitrous.

This should get you safely into the nitrous age without damaging your engine. You'll have a blast with the added boost of instant power. There's nothing like the surge of torque when the nitrous comes on. Have fun and be safe!


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