July 2010 Chevy High Performance Letters - Performance Q & A

Kevin McClelland May 24, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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A: We have been very impressed by FAST's EZ EFI. This is a very user-friendly EFI system with complete self-calibration built right in. With the use of a wideband O2 sensor, the system can trim the fuel tables in a matter of minutes! And it's constantly trimming the fuel curve to the optimum air/fuel ratio for both peak performance and fuel economy. This would be a great addition to your engine package. You'll be very happy with the bolt-on tuned performance and time saved dialing in your Holley carb. The EZ-EFI base kit PN 30226-KIT comes with the throttle-body assembly, an EZ-EFI control unit, a handheld control module, a power adapter and cable, a wideband O2 sensor, a bung and plug, a coolant temp sensor, and a wiring harness. The EZ-EFI Master kit PN 30227-KIT includes everything listed above, plus an EZ-EFI 600 HP Fuel Pump Kit (pump, fittings, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, reusable billet fuel filter, relay harness, and pressure gauge).

With the power level your little 350 is going to produce, the TH350 would get the nod from us. They weigh quite a bit less, have less rotating weight, and take less horsepower to turn. The beauty of the TH350 is that the torque converter from your TH400 will drop right in; however, we don't think your 2,200-stall is going to be enough for your XE274 camshaft selection. You'll need to step up the stall into the 2,800-3,200 rpm range. This brings us to your high 3.08:1 rear gear with 26-inch tires. You'll be cruising in the stall anytime you're not at freeway speeds, ultimately building quite a bit of heat. At a minimum, you will need 3.73:1 gears in the rear.

The Dart Pro 1 Top End kits are nice packages to top off any engine. With the heads come a dual-plane intake, gaskets, ARP bolts, Dart valve covers, and the proper heat range spark plugs. The kit you have purchased has 64cc combustion chambers. With the Speed-Pro forged flat-tops, the Fel-Pro head gaskets supplied in the head kit, and the pistons 0.020-inch down in the hole, it'll yield 9.5:1 compression. If you have zero-decked the engine, the compression will step right up to 10:1, and with either compression, you'll be fine on pump gas.

Finally, the power and torque should come in right around 420 for both. We've used this camshaft with a similar dual-plane intake and ported aluminum L98 heads that were in the 180cc range, and this is what it produced. It gives you a very flat torque curve and is all done in the early 6,000 rpm range. This will give you a very respectable street small-block. Enjoy. Sources: dartheads.com, fuelairspark.com

Don't Limit Me
Q: I have an '05 Cobalt LT with the 2.2L Ecotec and a manual trans. Is there an easy way to reprogram the ECU to get rid of the speed limiter, or possibly a performance chip that could do the job? I haven't found much online and any help would be appreciated.
Matt Abeling
Bloomington, IL

A: You're right; there isn't much on the Internet for your Cobalt. Jet Performance offers its V-Force Plus Module (PN 68021), an in-line tuning device that allows you to adjust timing and fuel and monitor 14 screens with various parameters, such as AFR, throttle position, and MAP pressure. We were unable to get an answer if you could modify the speed limiter.


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