June 2010 Chevy High Performance Letters - Performance Q & A

Tom Truty May 5, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Q: I recently purchased one of Chevy's limited-production ZZ430s (s/n 028) from a Boss motorcycle. It seems the owner wanted to upgrade to a 502/502! The engine came with none of the paperwork you normally get from Chevy (detailed parts list, engine dyno sheet, and general info). I've requested this info from several Chevy/GM forums and GM Performance dealers, but either no one has something they can share or they are unwilling to do so. Can you help me? Photocopies or scanned documents would be incredible, or a contact person would help.
Bud Byers
Clinton, IL

A: The ZZ430 was plenty of power for the previous owner's bike. Wait 'til he figures out how much weight he's added with that large-block between the framerails. But that's his problem, not yours.

For factory documentation, give our buddy Ken Casey a call at Burt Chevy. You can reach him at 800.345.5744 and we're sure he will not only love to hear the story about your ZZ430, but he'll be able to help you out. Source: burt.com

Roots Blower On LS3
Q: I'm having a difficult time finding a Roots-type blower that will work with a Vintage Air Front Runner drive system in my '69 Camaro. My motor is an LS376/480 crate motor (LS3 and a Hot cam), installed on a Chris Alston front clip. I'd like to keep my stock 2-inch cowl-induction hood if possible. Any advice?
Cris Gross
Colleyville, TX

A: The cleanest package out there in a Roots-type blower will be the MagnaCharger Eaton blower system. The complete system for the 2010 Camaro LS3 kicks out over 500 hp on the stock Camaro engine. Boosting your LS376/480 crate engine would push the power very close to the 600hp mark. The MagnaCharger blower is designed to increase the rwhp by 20 hp/pound of boost. With a simple 6-8 pounds of boost, your '69 could be really nasty! Call Eaton for more information and the best components to work with your accessories.

Will this system bolt up to your Vintage Air Front Runner system? We're not sure. The Vintage Air kit is a very nice compact front drive. You will not find a bolt-on system that will line up with the aftermarket drive system. Our suggestion is to adapt the MagnaCharger to the Vintage Air front drive. MagnaCharger may be able to help you align the blower drive pulley with the Vintage Air drive system. This will at least get you halfway there. You'll need to change idlers and tensioners to make sure you get a minimum of 180 degrees of belt wrap around the blower pulley to limit slippage.

Finally, your factory cowl hood may need some internal trimming of the sheetmetal to clear the blower. If you're not willing to cut up a factory cowl hood (we don't blame you), you could always go with a fiberglass replica. You'd still get the 2-inch stock look but with the internal clearance you'll need.

Send us an update when you get the blower on your LS376/480! We're sure it's going to scare you, but in a good way. Good luck. Source: magnacharger.com

Use The Web
Q: I have a good many Clevite 77 bearing sets and would like to know where I can find out what applications they would fit. They are all new sets and have the numbers on the box. I have both standard and 0.010-inch undersize, and I also have some Federal-Moguls. Where might I find this information? Thanks.
William Munson
Batchelor, LA

A: We often use the mail-order websites' search tools. They are very up to date with the latest manufacturer information. Just visit the site of your choice and find the manufacturer's code at the front of its part numbers. Using the manufacturer's identification code and the part numbers of your bearings, it will pull them up for you to purchase. Once you have found the bearings on the site, then you can check the application. This is a selection on the product page. It will list what engines your bearings are designed to fit.


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