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Distributor With An LS?
I just received my April issue and I was reading about the '67 Chevelle with the LS2. You mentioned the DUI HEI-type distributor. I wanted to know how they got a distributor to work in the LS2. I have been following articles on LSX swaps and recently picked up a 6.0L out of a wrecked police paddy wagon for cheap and I was thinking of putting it in my '79 Camaro.

I also want to agree with the other letters you received about B-body builds, I have a '94 Caprice wagon that runs 14.20s and would love to see those cars in the mix.
John Simmons
Philadelphia, PA

The distributor conversion is made possible by using an LS Front Distributor Drive Cover. These conversion kits were originally designed by Wegner Motorsports and can be purchased through them directly or at your local Chevrolet parts center, including Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center and Pace Performance. Pricing will vary, but we've seen them as low as $400; just know that you'll still need a carburetor-style manifold and a distributor to complete the package.

Rides Submissions
I love the magazine and I wanted to ask how I could get my ride into Chevy High? I have an '86 C10 that I'm currently in the process of restoring and I think it would be perfect for your magazine. Thank you!
Dave Brosseau
Via email

It's actually easier than you think and since we're constantly getting inundated with this question, we'll just share it here with everyone. For starters, email us like you have, only be sure to include a high-res image and all of the details of your pride and joy. There are a lot of cars that get submitted that we can't use because of the image size. Without getting into technical details for the format, let's just say, put your camera on its largest setting mode and snap away. Two helpful hints; have the light behind you and shining onto the car and avoid busy backgrounds.

Nitrous Tuning
Well, I took your advice and went with the aftermarket block, but as usual things got a little crazy. I put together a 436ci small-block with a Dart Iron Eagle block, GM 363 high-port 18-degree cylinder heads, Jesel rockers, Callies crank, Oliver rods, 13:1 compression Diamond pistons, 0.874 Crower lifters, Trend 7/10-inch double-taper pushrods, and Moroso and Peterson dry-sump system. The cam features 277/288 duration with 0.808/0.766 lift at 0.050.

On the dyno it made 762 hp at 7,000 rpm and 623 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm; my question is about adding a 200 to 300 hit of nitrous with an NOS Double Cross plate. All the baseline settings are for a 540ci big-block. Should I just reduce jet sizes about 20 percent to compensate for the smaller engine size or go with the chart in the handbook? I read your stuff every month and you give real-world advice based on facts and your personal experience, which I respect. Thanks.
D.A. Peterson
Big Lake, MN

Keep in mind that jets are limited by their size, meaning the jets have no idea how big or small the engine is. That said, any given jet size will only produce a certain level of horsepower, and for all jetting concerns we certainly suggest following the manufacturer's recommendations. When it comes to anything greater than a 250 shot on an aggressive powerplant, this is where things can get a little complicated and enlisting the pros will greatly benefit your tune and the life of your engine. For what you're looking to do, I would get in touch with Steve Johnson at Induction Solutions (induction-solutions.com). He plumbed the three-stage system on our 598ci big-block and we haven't even nipped a plug all season, let alone worried about a complete meltdown. The most important thing to remember is to start with baby steps and tune up progressively, all the while reading the plugs after every pass. Every combination has an unbelievable amount of variables and again, while the smaller tunes are easier to handle, it's the bigger hits that require a bit more attention. Good luck and keep us posted on your results!




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