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May 2010 GM High-Tech Performance Magazine - Off The Wire - Mail

Apr 28, 2010
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No Country for Old School
Please help me understand why anyone would take a great informative article on how to build up an older LT1 Camaro with updated technology and not give an end result! I found the July 2009 article for the "LT1 High Mileage Old School" story inspiring on replacing items in my own '94 LT1. The biggest job I have ever done was replace the water pump using a Haines manual and some inspiration. I felt if I could do that I could tackle a cam swap and all the same upgrades used in this article with its vivid detail. I began to price out tools that were used and extra parts that were used. All for nothin'! This article gave me, the reader, the baseline power and torque output prior to build-up, but nothing was mentioned about what power and torque after all was installed! Am I to believe that all this was spent to just make the car reliable or to build it back to the stock numbers of maybe 290 hp on a good day? Or was there a drastic change that would make me want to buy these parts and give it a go! CO'MON MAN!
-William Eagle Tail
Salt Lake City, UT

Not sure what you mean, friend-o. We did three stories with that '94 Camaro, the bolt-on story in which we freshened up the old girl and picked up 48.2 rwhp and 31.5 lb-ft of torque was in the July '05 issue. We picked up another 16 horses by upgrading the fuel system in the November '05 issue, as the Camaro was running lean due to the weak stock fuel pump and wiring. The last installment was a cooling system upgrade, done in the July '07 issue. I would encourage you to go to to pick up these issues to follow the build. Also check out tech articles with our '94 Formula project car. Plenty of bolt-on installs, dyno, and track testing were done before swapping in the RK 355-cid stock-rebuild with Dart heads and Comp Cams valvetrain. It made 288 hp and 311 lb-ft on a Dynojet with a stock motor and tight converter, and though the current combo hasn't faired well on the dyno it does run a low 12 n/a with sticky tires-in a very streetable combo that could be daily driven. If there is something in particular that you think we haven't covered let us know.

Swap Meat

Hey Guys,
Just picked up my first issue of GM High-Tech February 2010, and I am very satisfied with the articles and range of vehicles in the magazine. What really drew me in was when I saw "LS1 PCM CONVERSION FOR TPI" and I immediately knew you guys were talking about Mike's conversion at EFI Connection. Without hesitation, I bought and paid for the magazine and read it cover to cover by 12 p.m. the next day. I have been looking into and keeping up with Mike Noonan's site on their swaps and progress. And yes, he does have "cajones the size of watermelons" for going after this concept. I'm mainly interested in this swap because I'm planning on using their awesome setup on my special '96 WS4 TA. I can't wait to read the follow-up and tuning info for the GTA. I look forward to subscribing to the magazine and hope to see some J-body coverage in here too, maybe some interesting Beretta swaps?
-Bob Warcimaga
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Grrr-eight V-8 G8
Just picked up your magazine at BooksAMillion and really liked what articles were in the February 2010 edition. I would like to see a comparison on cold-air intakes for the Pontiac G8 GT and GXP. I know these cars are not that popular, but an article once in a while would be great. I would like to see the SLR chip and the Vararam intake. Thank you for the great mag.
-Jim McCulloch
Bradenton, FL

Howdy neighbor! We'll see if we can get you G8 guys a little more bolt-on tech. Stay tuned for more with our ProCharged G8 GT. The bent stock rods have been replaced, and we have got a few tricks up our sleeves.

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