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Paint & Body
You have been educating and informing the car enthusiast community for some time now. As a longtime supporter, I felt the need to thank you for your unwavering devotion and for all the practical real world information you continue to share. I've personally found your blog especially useful for staying in touch with the topics the public is genuinely interested in. This allows me to better serve them as customers.

I would like to offer my vast knowledge as a resource to you in the area of paint and bodywork. Specifically, inexpensive commercial paint and bodywork services. As a longtime Maaco franchise owner, I paint a tremendous number of cars for all types of people. These people come to me with a host of different cars, needs, and budgets. I know you guys are busy, but I'd like to share information if you need it.
Charles Eric
Via email

We're always up for fresh information and want to thank you for the offer. I have to admit, our annual paint and body issue is coming and we'll have an interesting twist to this one.

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New Rockets For Your Ride
Rocket Racing Wheels is introducing three unique styles of wheels for 2010, including the Rocket Launcher, Igniter, and Velocity series. Shown here is the one-piece alloy Rocket Velocity that features a traditional outer lip and split spoke design. For more information, check out Rocket Racing at

1005chp_02_o May_2010_chevy_high_performance_letters Wheel 2/3

Rooster Call
Sean Haggai
By the time most of us have reached adulthood, common sense would have been welded into our brains. Most of us have realized some basic things that never change. These situations remain constant no matter what the outcome. For example, the sun will always rise from the East in the morning and set in the West. We vote for a new president every four years. Light switches turn things on and off. And for the most part, trees remain as stationary objects unless they're cut down. However, in my older brother's case, he must have known all but the latter. In his view of the world and schooling over the years, when trees witness a snowboarder ripping down the mountain they "usually" uproot themselves and side-step clear out of the way. This version of my brother's knowledge-base didn't occur though. He hit that tree. He hit that tree hard. He hit that tree so hard when he became conscious and tried to stand he failed-big time.

1005chp_03_o May_2010_chevy_high_performance_letters Editor 3/3

Unbeknownst to me, my older brother was being towed down Mammoth Mountain by a paramedic snowmobile-strapped to a board. The text message from my mother said it all, "Your brother probably broke the femur bone in his leg on the mountain ... they are taking him to the hospital right now." As I called to find out more of the situation, my mother answered the phone extremely upset. Until we knew more, there was nothing we could do but sit and wait. Luckily for us, Mammoth Mountain is only about five to six hours away. Our worst fears were confirmed as his X-ray image showed a clean break.

During a two and half hour surgery, doctors entered through his knee to minimize scaring, tissue and muscle damage in the leg and inserted a titanium rod with pins from his knee to the hip. While I'm biting my lip to lay into him and tease him about becoming some sort of bionic-man with a robot leg, I was relieved to hear that he was OK and was even walking the next day. My friends and I can't wait to visit him while making hydraulic/electronic-servo-like sounds as we all enter imitating Terminator. Yeah, it's safe to say my brother found out the hard way that trees don't move on their own. I wonder if he can crush cars now?


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