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2010 Carlisle Performance & Style Car Event - 14 Years and Running - The Movement is Still Alive!

Carlisle Performance & Style: May 8-9 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds

Apr 1, 2010
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There is no denying that there are fewer custom/tuner car enthusiasts involved in this segment of the collector car hobby than five to eight years ago. However, the people who are still involved today are just as, if not more, passionate about their vehicles and the hobby than ever before. Carlisle Events, one of the world's largest presenters of car, truck and motorcycle events is dedicated to continuing to offer an event that allows custom/tuner enthusiasts the opportunity to compete, show and celebrate their passion. The fourteenth year of the Carlisle Performance & Style event will motor back to the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds May 8th & 9th. Carlisle Events bills Performance & Style as, "more than a car show" but rather a "motorsports and lifestyle celebration, that plays host to over 1,500 of the hottest, loudest, fastest and most tricked-out cars, trucks and SUVs on the East Coast."

Patrick Lemay, Carlisle Performance & Style Event Manager, is excited about the direction the event is going and the growth that he expects in 2010 and beyond. "There is no doubt that the tuner and custom car hobby and show circuit has changed significantly in just the past few years. We are one of the last remaining events on the East Coast that exclusively celebrates this aspect of the car world. I see that as a huge opportunity." Lemay continued, "Young people are going to continue to customize their cars and trucks as a means of self-expression; it's just a matter of being up on the latest trends and giving these folks an exciting event to showcase and celebrate their passion."

Two new aspects for the 2010 edition of Performance & Style that Lemay and the Carlisle Events team see as avenues of continued growth are the introductions of the Modern Muscle/Performance Pavilion and the VIP/Luxury Lane. The Modern Muscle/Performance Pavilion will feature an indoor invitational display and exclusive showfield area for owners of new model American sports cars (known as Modern Muscle) as well as imports that are built with performance at the forefront of the custom design process. With the growing popularity of rallying, drifting and road racing among the tuner/custom crowd, many enthusiasts are opting to focus more of their attention on performance enhancements as opposed to cosmetic or electronic upgrades. The VIP/Luxury Lane area of Performance & Style will also feature an invitational display of some of the best cars in the region and a special showfield. The VIP/Luxury Lane will be the weekend home for custom luxury models and their owners. The term "V.I.P" originated in Japan to describe the modification of luxury car models to give them a distinct look. That trend has swept the U.S. and now has transitioned to not only Japanese cars but European and American makes as well.

With the Modern Muscle and VIP areas added this year, Carlisle Events has not forgotten the import tuners, the core audience that have continued to make Performance and Style (formerly known as the Custom Compact Nationals) a successful event, year after year. The largest display and the majority of the showfield will be devoted to the cars that started the evolution of how an entire generation viewed automotive customization. A special display, Tuned in T, presented by the WR Team, will be a true representation of the timeline of the "tuner" passion. WR Team is an East Coast based custom/tuner car club who has been known as leading the hobby with innovation and world-renowned vehicles for over twelve years.

In addition to the new displays for 2010, Performance & Style will once again feature a huge vending area and Manufacturers Midway - home to the top names in aftermarket, custom and new parts dealers. Pile on live music, burnout and beauty competitions and special guests, and you will see that Carlisle is the place to let the world know that the movement is still alive!

For more information on Carlisle Performance & Style and Carlisle Events, visit or call (717) 243-7855.



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