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Sean Haggai Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

2010 Camaro
It seems my December '09 editorial has generated quite the number of emails recently. This is definitely a great thing and I'm glad to see so many are getting into the modern era muscle car. After all, we all have one thing in common-we want to see the Camaro stick around for years to come.
-Henry D

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Get Real H
I received my new, black 2SS six-speed back in June and the car gets faster and a little noisier as I break it in-so after spending over 45K Canadian, I am NOT gonna start spending more money to make it "faster." It's just my opinion but Chevy nailed the car out of the gate and she flies and sounds great. If I put a supercharger on her, I believe GM will void my warranty!

So here is the deal, Henry, these cars cost big bucks and have stringent warranties now, so underdrive pulleys and cold-air intakes might be OK, but go much deeper than exhaust and the small stuff and there goes that great warranty coverage. That is why I ain't screwing with a pretty amazing package out of the box! Cheers.

Claude Pardo
Toronto, Canada

Bring On The Mods!
Read your article and I hear you loud and clear. I've had my ride since July and it's still bone stock. It's got the LS3 and I've been looking at exhausts and CAIs but just haven't done anything to the car yet. I admit that I'm used to old style small-blocks (sold my Chevelle to buy this) so working on this is just a little intimidating for me. I'm on the Camaro5 website pretty much but would like to see more stuff in the magazines about the products available for this car. Especially some type of comparison shootouts, etc. Anyway, I love the magazine so see what you can do for us. My dream would be to drop an LS7 under the hood like the concept GM had at the Carlisle GM Nats this past spring!

Via email

Bring On The Mods! 2
I am a longtime CHP subscriber and an avid Chevrolet nut. My toy is a 1968 Camaro RS with the original 327 (built pretty healthy 11:1, 64cc aluminum heads, 0.507/0.507 lift 0.244/0.244 duration, etc.) and a TCI Streetfighter TH350 with a Hughes 3,200-stall converter. But, this email isn't about me, it's about some of the members of my car club, the Northern Kentucky F Body Association (

We have several members with 2010 Camaros, and one of our members, Craig Newport, owns a local speed shop here in Cincinnati, Ohio: Cincy Speed. In the past few weeks the guys at Cincy Speed have been modding several new Camaros with many modifications, including a cam swap, cold-air intake, and a complete exhaust with long-tubes to x-pipe which already dyno'd 469 hp and 442 lb-ft to the wheels. Give him a call and let him know I sent you-I'm sure he'll be more than happy to send you pictures with their incredible results.

Bill Wooddell
Via email

More On LS Decoded
Just a quick note to say thanks for the very well done December issue with the excellent story on the GM crate engines. I think this is the most comprehensive article I have seen providing all of the pertinent information pertaining to this new technology. This issue is definitely a keeper thanks to the well-documented information you guys provided. It even made me start thinking if I too should change out my old school 383 stroker with World Products Sportsman II heads and a host of Edelbrock speed parts for a late-model crate engine in my '65 Chevelle. I have upgraded my Chevelle with a Tremec five-speed and really enjoy the fun that the stick with overdrive brings to my driving experience. While I understand the power and torque that these new engines are able to generate there is nothing like firing up my Chevelle in the garage and having the entire house rattle. The new engines do not seem to have that wonderful sound that the older high-performance engines have. So I think I am going to stay with my old school small-block. Thanks again for the well-documented article, it was clearly insightful and thought provoking.

Dan Wild
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