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Sean Haggai Feb 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

LS Decoded
Wow. After all these years I finally have a guide to refer to for the "L" series engines. I'll no longer have to ask the seemingly stupid questions. Thank you.

Barry Dukes
Baltimore, MD

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Barry, thank you for writing in and let me assure you, there's no such thing as stupid questions. For every person who comes up with one, I can pretty much guarantee there's someone else out there wondering the same thing. Keep your eyes open, this is just the first of many more LS stories to come.

More LS Passion
I received my copy of the December 2009 magazine and was happy to see two articles that were interesting to me. The article on how to rebuild your suspension was very interesting and informative since I plan to rebuild the suspension and add disc brakes to the front and rear of my truck this winter. Also, the article "LS Motors Decoded" was interesting to me. My truck has an '07 Corvette LS2 mill, a 4L65E transmission, 3.73:1 limited-slip posi rearend.

I had most of the work done by professionals and I am proud of the results and satisfied with the performance of the LS package. I had originally intended to purchase a ZZ4 350 and a new transmission. The owner of Street and Performance told me that he could get me into an LS1 engine with a 4L60E transmission for around [the same] price. After putting six month's worth of thought into it, I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did. According to S&P, with headers and by reprogramming the computer, an LS2 engine they dyno tested put out 448 horsepower, so I am assuming mine is somewhere between 400 and 450.

Dale Collvins
DeKalb, TX

It's really hard to beat the performance for the money. While we'll never deviate from our conventional small- and big-blocks, the LSs are tough to beat. It used to be that carbureted LS mills was the easiest way to make the conversion, however, these days even electronic fuel injection has come to an affordable level, allowing many more people to get into a modern day powerplant. Enjoy your new combination!

To Good Friends
I received my issue of Chevy High in the mail today and when I flipped over to the "Shop Talk" page, I immediately recognized Terry's car in the photo and my first thought was, "Great! Terry is back and writing some stuff for Chevy High!"

I had only heard in recent years that he had been sick, but I did not know any more than that.

I was quickly saddened to hear of his passing. I only knew him as a casual acquaintance, having met him at SEMA several years ago, and I can recall just how easily we struck up what turned out to be a long conversation, and how talking with him was like talking with someone that I'd known for many years.

Although I didn't know him well, it was easy to see that this was a very kind, genuine, driven, and passionate person, and that he will be missed by many.

I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to meet him, and my family will keep the Stevens family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Your "Live for the moment!" banner on the "Shop Talk" page could not be a more fitting statement, and I'm sure Terry would certainly agree.

Rob White
Tracy, CA

Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to share your experience. So you know, I've gone ahead and shared your letter with Terry's other half and she certainly appreciates your letter.

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