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Sean Haggai Dec 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Rooster Call
Sean Haggai
I finally made it here to the swap meet. I've got my computer open and I'm sitting in my car waiting to get inside and I've already had a late start. This morning was rough; I missed my 3 a.m. wake-up call, couldn't find the ATM card I needed for fueling up, and don't have the one item I was responsible for bringing. Either way, I am here now and can't wait to get in. It's a great way to start my first experience with the famed Long Beach swap meet. Over the years I've heard all about it and it's just exciting to be here.

Sellers with reserved spaces show up first to set up before the crowd gets let in at 6 a.m. sharp. No tables or blankets to sell items here. Throw your junk to the ground in a pile and let the buyers pick through what they want. What's around though? Tons of items and things to sell or buy. If you've got a project car, then this is the place to be to find miscellaneous items for a deal. Really, you name it and there's something for everyone. Sellers liquidate everything from vehicles to nostalgic items to car care products. If you are toying around with the idea of attending, be sure to bring something to carry your loot. Show-goers tend to tote custom-made hand wagons, which are usually overflowing with intake manifolds, headers, and even race seats. One guy even had to leave the show just to empty his wagon so he could continue his shopping spree.

My buddy Mike and I hit the show hard and sold nearly everything we came with; even the truck he drove in with. Everything's got a price, right? We made sure no one low-balled the price-although we did have to let some items go for nearly free. How does a brand new Milodon 7-qt oil pan with an HV pump and pickup going for $40 sound? Needless to say, we were wheelin' and dealin'. It was chaotic and the sun was up and the clock was just hitting 11 a.m. We had already been there for almost five hours. Our former pile of parts dwindled to a meager set of incomplete 904 big-block lifters and a set of valve cover breathers that he was unloading for a buck each. At this point, the kick from my Monster energy drink had long since passed. This was a good outing, in just five hours Mike made over $800 selling used parts.


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