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Sean Haggai Dec 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

You asked the readers to send you any similar stories, so here goes. My son and I along with Ed Knowles were headed from Dothan, AL to U.S. 19 dragstrip located in Albany, GA. I was pulling my car on an open trailer and Ed was pulling his car in his enclosed trailer. I had been following him for about 30 miles when I heard what sounded like a small explosion. I looked over at my son first and then to the right side mirror where I saw large chunks of rubber flying out of the trailer fender. I called Ed on the cell and asked him to turn around while I limped down the side of the highway to a Chevron station that was about 500 yards away. Within 15 minutes the fellow at the Chevron had mounted a new tire and we were on our way again. During that 15 minute time period I had to endure a lecture from Ed about how I should have bought "trailer" tires for my trailer and not passenger car tires. He went into a long dissertation about how passenger car tires are not made for trailers etc, etc. After we got back on the road we were about 15 minutes from the track and really moving along because we were going to be cutting it close and would be lucky to get any time trials prior to the races. I was following him and talking with my son when I heard something hitting my windshield. We both looked at the right rear of my buddy's trailer and my son said, ""Dad, I think Mr. Ed is getting ready to have a blowout!" I knew Ed wouldn't think it was funny but I had to keep from laughing as I dialed his cell number and told him I thought he had a flat tire. I held the phone away from my ear as the cussing began and when he pulled off the road and into a pecan orchard, we looked like a NASCAR pit crew snatching that wheel off his trailer!

He took off with my truck/trailer hoping to find something open on a Saturday afternoon and returned within minutes with a new tire and ready to go. Naturally, while we were mounting the wheel back on the trailer, I had to emphasize that I thought he had "trailer" tires on his trailer!?! Ha Ha! Needless to say, we made it to the track that day but we rolled up in there like we had drank a case of Monster drinks and got one time trial before the racing began. I had made the suggestion earlier in the day that maybe it wasn't our day to race but Ed said, "Hell no, we are going to race today, I don't give a damn what it takes!" Incredible what we will endure to pursue our hobby!

Thank you for the chance to tell a story that still cracks me up and brings tears to my eyes!
Koby Smith
Via email

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