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I had an epiphany; you know, waking up in the middle of the night with an idea so spectacular that you can't get back to sleep because you think you're onto something big. Oh, never mind. Who am I trying to kid? The truth is I have a terrible time sleeping, and because of it I've been doing a lot of homework, scouring the Internet and reading every muscle car forum I can run across-and what did I learn?

When it comes to engine builds, we're certainly on our game. There are many forum threads discussing a wide variety of our combinations. And that's a great feeling, especially since we rarely get feedback when something goes right. On the flipside, when things go wrong, man, do we get an earful! While most guys hate to read emails pointing out where they went wrong, I say bring it. It keeps us on our toes and makes us strive even harder to prevent similar mistakes with future projects.

The one thing I noticed on the message boards is the number of people inquiring about suspension components. Historically speaking, we were at the forefront of hardcore suspension tech in years past, and this is something I'm planning to bring back. I'm not talking about simply bolting on components and leaving them be, although in some instances even those stories are appropriate. Instead, I'm talking suspension theory with real-world applications. That means every suspension story should answer these questions: Is this component the right piece for me? How will it improve my handling? And most importantly, how does it work?

Obviously, the suspension market is huge, and whether you know it or not, it is also a very diverse market, with top-notch products for every budget and every performance level. So we're going to make sure we bring that back into focus. You can expect to see everything from basic bolt-ons to complete packages for a wide spectrum of muscle cars. Even our own '73 Camaro is currently under the knife, getting outfitted for autocrossing and open-tracking events, but we'll get deeper into that in the coming months.

As for me personally, I'm pretty excited about getting knee-deep into corner-carving edit, not only for the addition of more 'core tech, but it'll complement the straight line antics we love so much. Now what I would like to know is, do you have a particular vehicle you'd like to see put to the test? Just name the products, the vehicle, and the brand-we'll get something together and give you the straight-up, no-nonsense results!



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