Installing A 770 Holley In A 1979 Chevy Camaro - CHP Garage


You can expect to see more big-eyed features. Matter of fact, turn to page 74 to check out Kenny Hillin's cherry '72. You have to admit that was a pretty quick response, right? Also, Newhall is just an hour north of us, so be sure to keep us posted on how your Chevelle is coming along and email us pictures at Thanks for writing in!

G-Body Parts
Another great source for '78-83 Malibu parts and other G body stuff is Dixie MonteCarlo Depot, in Midland, North Carolina. These guys even have reproduction stuff for the B-pillar and for the stuff surrounding the back side windows. They are great in terms of knowledge and service. Reach them at 877.24.DIXIE or
Paul Kennedy
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Who?
I'm a longtime subscriber, and I just got my hands on the Apr. '09 issue in the mail. I always enjoy reading your Shop Talk editorial right off the bat. As excellent as it was, I have a quick question. How is it you were able to describe how good the AETC conference and PRI tradeshow was and who you saw there if you were writing it on the plane on your way to the events? Seems like you must have a little "Dr. Who" thing going on there.

By the way, great piece on the concept Gen V Camaros. I can't wait to get my hands on one as soon as my '05 Silverado is paid off next year. (Depression, schmession!) Keep up the good work!
Len Torney
St. Johns, AZ

You caught me. That was a mistake I made by mixing two editorials into one. I started my editorial on the plane, looking forward to the events. I even finished it on the plane. Later I realized I should have rewritten it instead of just adding the event highlights I had enjoyed. Still, I like your Dr. Who theory better. I'm going to stick with that one! As for the new Camaro, I hear you. As bad as I want to get one, I have to wait at least another two years until the truck is paid off. Thanks for writing in, and I'll get a plate out to you for it!

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Rooster Call
Sean Haggai
I wish you could see it now. It's pure comedy. I could sit atop my cubicle and watch the fiasco all day long. If we had more room in this section, I could throw in an image to help get my story across better. Four to five people stood around in amazement to watch one person fix the printer. In the meantime, I'll just use my super-skills as an associate editor.

Now, bear with me. Most of you are probably familiar with what I tend to call the printer Olympics. It's a great sport that no one wants to play, yet they volunteer to join in without even realizing it. Let me set the tone. After clicking the printer icon on the screen, a digital relay is sent to the networked printer on the floor. You walk over to retrieve your paper, but nothing. It's not there. The printer's screen reads "Paper jam in tray 3." "Oh great" seems to be the common phrase muttered beneath everyone's breath.

Without knowing, they have just created a chain of events that sends everyone clamoring to the printer to claim their work and then to voice their opinion as to how to fix the situation. The funny part is, you know as soon as you break open that printer that everyone else's work won't come out either. Essentially, you have just volunteered yourself to mend the situation. This makes you the person to fix it. You could just walk away and act like nothing is wrong (like I do), or stick around and fuss with it.

"Is the printer broken?" someone asks. "Yes, the printer is all jammed up." Then out of nowhere the masses arrive. What was once one person babbling to himself about the printer suddenly explodes into four or five members of the office. They all end up digging around, pushing buttons, and conversing as to who sabotaged the printer.

"There it goes!" one cries out.


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