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At first you may think how hard could it be to photograph a car? Well, take my advice, there's a tad more to it than meets the eye--literally. Just point and shoot, right? Wrong. Think of Feng Shui but instead of moving furniture around the house, I'll be moving the car in certain angles, either to create a more dramatic shot or to accent a feature that should stand out more. Additionally, everything--and I mean everything--shows up on camera, even the guy you didn't see in the background making a silly face. I've got to have my eagle eyes on to catch any faults that may show up in the final shots. Anyway, I think I've got a good idea on how I want to spin the photographs. I may even go all-out and attempt to capture a burnout shot. We'll see. Wish me luck.

Leno's No. 0001 ZR 1 Corvette
Yes, we are all well aware of Jay Leno's overflowing collection of cars. But did you know that he is the proud owner of a ZR 1 Corvette? And did you know he has VIN 0001? That's right. Not only does Jay Leno have a ZR 1 Corvette, but he has the very first one off the production line. Here's the link to his new toy and the video where he explains its qualities and drives it for

0904chp_02_z Bare_2010_chevy_camaro Gmpp_camaro_steel_body 2/5

Ready Prepped Camaro
GM Performance Parts will offer an all-white Camaro package in the first quarter of 2009. The basic assembled package will include front fenders, hood, roof, doors, rear quarters, and a trunk lid. It also includes the complete floorpans and chassis rails for $7,000. Dr. Jamie Meyer, product marketing manager of GMPP, says, "Drag racers, for example, won't have to worry about swapping out for a solid axles--they can just bolt one up and go." Racers will add the powetrain, fuel system, suspensions, and interior components, then go racing. Become eligible with the online application at First come, first serve.

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Crunch Gas
Feeling the gas prices in your area? I think we speak for all when we say yes. GM's on your side though, because if you are in the market for one of the General's new vehicles and are also looking for some good gas mileage, look no further than GM Inside News ( There you will find a quick reference guide for gas mileage on all GM makes and models. They list engine size, city/highway mileage stats, and more.

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Spankin' New Site
Our friends over at El Camino Central ( have got a new website and a fresh look. Though they are still working out some of the bugs and tweaking the system a bit, it came out looking great. Everything works smoothly. Plus it's easy on the eyes. According to the site, it took days to get the old site converted to the new one. The address is the same.


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