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Hmm, Here's Food For Thought!

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Road Rules
As I write this, I once again find myself kickin' it on an airplane. This time I'm returning from the National Muscle Car Association's 2nd annual GM Performance Parts LSX Shootout at Memphis Motorsports Park in Tennessee. I have to admit that from the moment we pulled into the facilities, I was in utter awe at the number of cars, manufacturers, and spectators already packed onto the premises.

It has been a while-in the neighborhood of four years-since my last NMCA event, and believe me, it hasn't been for lack of interest. It's just that at my former stint at Car Craft, it was the norm for me to fly out to these gigs. Back then, it was great and I loved the traveling, but I also didn't have the responsibilities I do today. And while I've been keeping up with the races online, there's nothing better than being there in person to take in the sights, the sounds, and even the sweet combined aromas of freshly laid traction compound and race fuel. Seriously, after this trip I find myself wanting to attend way more than my schedule allows.

For me, this race felt more like a reunion, getting to hang out with several old friends who are still out there doing what they're most passionate about. More importantly, I was able to get great footage for upcoming stories and see potential feature cars that I would have otherwise missed. As we've mentioned before, we get the bulk of our feature cars at events.

Of course, this had me thinking about this month's Nova car show, which Associate Editor Sean Haggai covered on page 60. Several months ago, I received an invitation to check out the annual event, which is put on by members of Steve's Nova Site Forum (stevesnova, and since it was in SoCal, I wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, I was just returning from another event and couldn't make it, but Sean and his brother Scott attended the affair with the '72 Nova we've been wrenching on over the past year.

After getting a report, I was pretty impressed and started wondering how many forums across the country put on similar deals. I want to start a series called America's Hot Spots, so if your forum or club puts on a killer car show, then I'm calling you guys and gals to action. I know there's no shortage of good amateur photographers these days, and I say this because I'm on a number of forums and have seen your handiwork. We want detailed emails, large digital images, car specs, and owner info. Assuming the submitted material fits our needs, then this is the perfect opportunity to show off your show to the world.

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