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Calling All Young Guns
It's a Chevy High tradition to celebrate youthful passion for our hobby by setting aside a bit of space each month to spotlight a Young Gun, which we define as high-performance Chevy owners who are 25 years of age and younger. Going forward, we intend to keep highlighting youthful fans of Chevy power by setting aside once space in our Rides section each month for you crazy kids and your cool Chevys. Whether it's new, old, or a work in progress, we want to see it! All we need is for you youngsters out there to write in and tell us all about it. Send your prints and hi-res photos to Young Guns, Chevy High Performance Magazine, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 or email with "Young Guns" in the subject line. Photos must be able to run 300 dpi at 5 x 7 inches-in other words, use your cameras best setting.

John Nelson

The past couple of weeks have been somewhat out of the ordinary, in a split personality kind of way. As usual I had the same quagmire of stories and blogs to trudge through, and trudging was the best I could manage, unfortunately. On the other hand, two of the projects I worked on blasted through my daily funk with either brute horsepower or sheer speed-the perfect antidote to the blahs.

The first of these was the Whipple supercharger story in this issue-no doubt you read it before you made it to my back-of-the-book rant. The thing was brutally impressive. "Damn" isn't actually what I said when I saw the first numbers, but it's close enough for a family publication. I gotta find something to drop that blown mill into, just so I can really experience 664 lb-ft of torque at 3,200 rpm-as well as the 738 hp up top at 6,300 rpm.

It got me to fantasizing about a "Build Your Own ZR1" project. Who among us can afford six digits for Chevy's new supercharged Corvette supercar? On the other hand, a few of us might be able to cobble one together. A good, used C4 with up-to-snuff suspension, some chassis bracing, and 315-series tires out back could be a good, inexpensive start. Then add an engine like the one we built this month, though maybe a fuel-injected version-we don't want a 6-inch cowl on a slippery Vette. Voil! You have a Corvette with 700-plus horsepower for maybe 15 large. I know it's crazy, but one of the voices in my head keeps talking about it, and I've been listening

In a similar vein, I then made my way to the Silver State Classic Challenge open road race and followed that brute-power dyno session with some more brute power on the open road, running as navigator in the Hotrods to Hell '66 "Chevelle From Hell." You'll be hearing more about this one, but long story short, it is a '66 Chevelle, and it also might as well be a NASCAR underneath. The ride was amazing, as much for the planted, confidence-inspiring feel of the car as for the animal acceleration into mid triple-digit velocities it provided. The voices keep talking about that one, too, as in, "You must make it back to Silver State as often as possible." I've been listening to that voice-it sure seems to make a lot of sense.


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