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And The Winner Is
Hope you had a good time in Cabo! Did you go to The Office? You mentioned wanting to see some odd sightings while out on trips and I think I've got one for you. Last May the better half and I went to the Mayan Riviera, south of Cancun, for our vacation. We went on a tour where we snorkeled in a cenote (a cave system filled with the clearest, freshest water I've ever seen!), snorkeled with giant sea turtles, and went on a zip-line excursion. At the zip line, after being fitted with harnesses, we were escorted to what was called our "limousine." As this thing...err, sputtered up to where we were standing, I couldn't stop laughing and had to get a picture! Our guide said, "Let me take your picture in our limo." We rode down a dirt road to the platform for the zip, which ran about 800 feet through the jungle, starting at 30 feet up and ending about 10 feet high-mucho fun. At the end of the zip line, our trusty limo was there to take us back up. I couldn't help but watch the shocks and control arms as they flopped around, bushingless, over the bumps on the dirt road! I came to the conclusion that our "limo" started its hard life as a Chevy truck. What do you think?

As we returned, another group of tourists was loaded into a "deluxe" limo, one with an awning straight from a house installed to cover the tourists!

All in all, we had a great time and I noticed something interesting. All the newer Chevrolets down there were badged "Chevy," not "Chevrolet"!
Granada Hills, CA

Okay, quite honestly, I can't believe the number of responses we got to the question I posed back in the Nov. '08 issue. I had hinted at where I may have gone for a little getaway, and while many readers came close by simply guessing Baja, Brian was the first official letter to come through with the city of Cabo. Congratulations, Brian, and expect a few goodies to come your way in the mail. And yes, we definitely checked out The Office and what a blast that was!

For those of you who took the time to write and included your address, I've already placed your letters on my desk and I'll be sending you a sticker or two! - HD

Manifold Shuffle
Thanks from every Chevy small-block lover in the world for your article on intake manifolds ("Manifold Learning," Sept. '08). You really cut out all the guessing I had with the dual-planes. I guess you can't go wrong with any of the newer intakes. The 4 hp and 14 lb-ft difference of torque spread figures were so close that personal preference really won't let anyone make a mistake. Next, how about an article on multiple sets of headers (on a Chevelle, of course)?
Via e-mail

I actually have two comments. First, I was just reading the article about the 16 SBC intake manifolds in the Sept. '08 issue, page 23, where John Nelson wrote, "...while we're at it, we could see just how much power the RPM Air-Gap can support." Wow, would I like to see this! I had a 383 with an Air-Gap on it, and it was awesome. I'm currently building a 408ci small-block 11.5:1 compression with Dart 230cc Pro 1 cylinder heads, a camshaft with 255/262 duration at 0.050 with 0.630/0.630 lift on the intake and exhaust. I'm wondering if I should use the Air-Gap again.

For my second comment, I also read in the same issue that you're debating between an LS and a conventional 383 powerplant the Project '73 Camaro. I say go with the LS! I am really tired of 383s now, and let's face it: They are the new 350. Another option I would love to see is a big-inch 408ci, 415ci, or 421ci. Do something different! 383s are so 10 minutes ago.
John Caprai
Via E-mail

I just want to congratulate you on your "Manifold Learning" article in the September issue. It was the best tech article I have read in a long time. It provided valuable info to the Chevy enthusiast who is always looking to improve performance. My hat's off to John Nelson, who did a great job on this project.

I would like to encourage you guys to follow up this great article with one called "Header Learning." Longtime Chevy enthusiasts like me would like to know how the tri-Y headers match up with the long-tube and shorty headers. Also, use the same 383 mule with the same two cams as in your "Manifold Learning" article. Every Chevy enthusiast will be drooling.
Via e-mail

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