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Street Cred
Since its introduction by GM, the LS motor's reputation for serious power on and off the street has put these engines on a whole new level, becoming an icon of sorts. Given the ever-increasing affordability of these mills and their potential to churn out incredible power with minimal effort, it is fairly obvious why they've become the powerplant of choice for most street machines.

When it comes to drag racing, it's no different. The LS thugs are really coming into their own-especially when you consider the number of real-world vehicles that click off 10- and 11-second passes yet are still able to drive home with the A/C knob tilted to freezing. Of course, we can't forget some of the more radical supercharged and turbo combinations dipping well into the 7s at over 180 mph. How much more proof does one need? Let's face it: LS motors are flat-out wicked.

I tend to lurk on message forums all over the Net, and no matter where I venture, LS threads are sure to be found. These engines were introduced in the '97 Corvettes, followed by the '98 F-bodies, so these engines have been available to the public going on 11 years strong. Junkyard finds are getting more plentiful. The electronics are easier to use. If fuel injection isn't your thing, both GM Performance Parts and Edelbrock offer a manifold for an easy carburetor conversion.

Before you think I've gone mad with the LS craze, I should mention that I've always been a fan. If nothing else, as a crew here, we all felt it was time to acknowledge what these babies can do. If you recall, five years ago we went shoulders-deep into LS stories, testing every manifold available, numerous camshafts, and nearly every power-adder we could get our hands on. We got great feedback; however, looking back, I think we went in a little too deep a little too soon. Since then we've backed off, only bringing in a story or two as the opportunity presented itself.

Unlike those days, today we're getting inundated with emails asking for more LS builds along with step-by-step EFI tuning tech. The time is right, so we're going to take our LS business to the next level. Don't worry, we're not changing our format by any means. We're just adding to the program, if you will. Don't forget to email me and share your thoughts, especially if there's a particular combination you'd like to see tested. Let us know!

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