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Do you want the long version or the short? With all the emails, I am sure you want the short version. Keep the small-block 350 and make it the nastiest streetable engine you can decide on. Everybody is reporting 600-plus cubic inch mills generating 1,500 hp (I recently read a 2,000hp Tempest story!). That type of a build is a "been there done that" type of story. Keep the heritage and keep the soul of the car intact. Please feel free to tub out the wheelwells. The tires need street tread though; that always looks good to me.Charles W. Propst Jr.Gettysburg, PA

I'll leave the 600ci motors for the dragstrip, and you can count on that. As for the minitubs, that's a given. We've already put in our order for a set.

A '73 Camaro offers the best of both avenues, be it for the road course or the dragstrip. I know mixing it to do both at the same time has probably already been covered, so my suggestion is to design it so simple mods can be done to switch it back and forth easily. Drag one weekend, corner carve the next. Call it Jekyll & Hyde! Also, I really appreciate the basic step-by-step articles even though I have been around Chevys for a long time. I find there is always a good reminder I could see myself forgetting, or a better method or two I could learn. I think this helps those new to our hobby, especially those who are trying to do it on their own and who might not have help. Keep the pages coming!
Dave Howell
Beijing, China

You nailed it. As we've mentioned before, this baby is going to be a cruiser that can do it all. Granted, this one will turn a lot better than an all-out 1320 thug, but it'll have enough oats to get the job done. Also, I can't agree with you more: The Step by Step department is one of my personal favorites. We generally plan stories around the more basic material, but it's still valuable content that everyone from newbies to the experienced can appreciate. Thanks!

Mileage Thoughts From the Sea
I have been reading your mag for over a year now. I had my wife send them to the ship so I have something to keep my sanity while out at sea. I am in the Navy, so I've neither the income nor the facility to work on my own project, but I love reading about yours. I love the magazine. I literally count the days until I get the new one ever since my wife bought me a subscription for Father's Day. I love the engine builds you guys feature, I really do. I hate to be "that guy," but I just wonder what these motors will do on mileage. Of course, I know it depends on the application, gearing, weight of the vehicle, city/highway, and so on. But seriously, I would love to see those three engines in last month's "Three-Way MouseFest" in some sort of vehicle, be it a Camaro in "El Strippo" fashion or an Impala used to drive to work. Keep up the great work, guys. You have a lot to do with my personal morale while at sea. Thank you.
John Miller
Norfolk, VA

Let me start by saying thank you from everyone at CHP for all you do! Hmm, we do plan on dropping several of those motors into various applications. Currently we're planning to drop one of the older big-blocks into our '66 El Camino. As for the 383 from "Three-Way MouseFest," we may be dropping it into the Camaro, and if so we'll give a full report. Be sure to check your email. We've sent you a care package.




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