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NISH Motorsports Land Speed Racing - TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout

Nov 1, 2008
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In their quest to be America's Fastest Family in Land Speed Racing, Salt Lake City, Utah-based Nish Motorsports has been chasing a dream for 43 years. Since 1965, owner Terry Nish, 70, and his three sons Mike, 48, Jeff, 47, and T.J., 42, have been focused on breaking the 409.277mph Land Speed World Record set that same year by the legendary Sommers brothers. At the TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout this September 22-27, Mike Nish will lead the team in another attempt to carve its name in Land Speed history. Team Nish Motorsports hopes their Royal Purple Streamliner car will take them to 425mph.

In 2007, with the help of Klein Engines and veteran crew chief Cecil McCray, the team upgraded the Royal Purple Streamliner with a ten-liter, 1,800 horsepower Big Block Chevy engine. The upgrade was proposed after a piston failure swept away their dreams at last year's Land Speed Challenge. In 2007, Team Nish Motorsports in their Royal Purple Streamliner earned Hot Rod Magazine's Top Time Award at Speed Week with a speed of 380.046mph for the second time.

The Nish family has been making a name for itself in Land Speed Racing one member at a time, and currently holds 12 Land Speed world records. With more than 40 years of professional race car driving experience, Terry converted to Land Speed Racing in 1993 and currently holds three records. His most notable was set in 1995 with a 320.114mph run in the Vesco-Nish Streamliner. Quickly surpassing his dad's records and adding to the Nish legacy is Mike, with five individual records. None was more memorable than his 386.387mph run in 2006, which surpassed the team record by 10mph.

"My son will be the lucky one who gets to fulfill my dream," Terry said.

TOP 1 Oil has teamed with the record-setting Land Speed Racing veterans at Cook Motorsports to form the TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout, the first single competition ever to decide the fastest of the fast wheel-driven cars and motorcycles on the planet.

The TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout takes place this September 22-26 at theBonneville Salt Flats in Bonneville, Utah. A maximum of ten teams, five car and fivemotorcycle, will vie for official Land Speed Records recognized by the Fdration Internationalede l'Automobile (FIA) and the Fdration Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the leadinginternational race sanctioning bodies. Contingency dates are October 13-17.Eligible vehicles must be wheel-driven, have set or come close to setting recent landspeed records in their respective classes, and conform to FIA/FIM technical and safetyrequirements. Entrants will be selected by a panel of judges assembled by Mike Cook, founderof Cook Motorsports. Only two will walk away with the right to claim they have the fastest car ormotorcycle in the world. The Discovery Channel is planning to follow the teams in theirattempts.

Cook created the TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout to give serious competitors theopportunity to push the envelope. "We're providing a platform for top contenders," he said."Land Speed Racing events like Speed Week have become very popular, which is great for oursport, but the number of entries makes it difficult to set new records, due to time constraints,"Cook added. "This competition isn't for amateurs - it is only open to the best qualified and mostexperienced teams in the world."

"Land Speed Racing is synonymous with exceptional technology, extreme conditions,strong passion and iron-willed perseverance, and we're proud to be part of it," said Frank Ryan,Top 1 Oil. "Whether it's salt, sand, dirt or rocks, TOP 1 sponsored riders and drivers have setrecords on some of the world's most challenging terrains. We can't wait to see who takes homethis historic title.

Each hand-built land speed vehicle is unique as there are few rules limiting innovation.TOP 1 Oil World Land Speed Shootout entrants to date include Nish Motorsports' 1,800hpRoyal Purple #998 Streamliner; the twin-engine, 417mph Burkland Streamliner; Sam Wheeler'srecord-holding E-Z-Hook motorcycle; and Poteet and Main's newest car, Speed Demon with its1,045hp four-cylinder Mopar engine. Teams interested in competing may send an e-mail

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