1973 Chevy Camaro & 700-R4 Transmission - CHP Garage

Sean Haggai Nov 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

I would like to thank the staff of Chevy High Performance for a great publication. I am a representative (aka club member) of the Illinois Camaro Club (over 200 cars) and I have a '98 metallic gold Z28 with 400 rear wheel horsepower and a '95 V-6 five-speed. For many of us in the club, this will be an awesome project to watch (especially my best friend with a '79 Z28). Please be aware that my suggestions are my own and do not represent my club as a whole. For "the look" on page 42 of the Sept. '08 issue, the silver/black is the way to go, but keep the spoiler that came with the car, please. The orange/black looks too much like Bumblebee. Big brakes and sticky tires are always a good way to go. With the small exception of body repairs, please keep fabrication to a minimum. Many people that wish to mimic parts of your car don't have fabrication tools/experience. I am of the opinion that the more you can do with true bolt-ons, the easier and less expensive the project will be in the long run. As for the motor, an LS powerplant is hard to argue with, but a 383ci is easy to build and install. Give it some great out-of-the-box heads, maybe splurge on an aluminum block and go for 400-plus cubes, and top it off with a Magnuson and one of those new looks-like-a-carb-but-it's-fuel-injected fuel mixers and keep a traditional look under the hood.

If you're not stuck on installing a five-speed, try a paddle shift kit for a four-speed auto with a manual valvebody. You will be able to keep both hands on the wheel during track days. There are so many good bolt-on suspension parts out there that I think you guys can sift through. Whatever you decide to do, it'll be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to share my opinions.
John Oliver
Via e-mail

Well, you just have to put some Candy Apple Red on this car-nothing's faster than a red car. Call it PONYKLR, cause you're gonna stomp those cookie-cutter Mustangs with a 500hp 383ci. I love your mag, so now do I get the jacket? Also, how about more Corvette stuff? Maybe you can thrash on mine a little.
Curtis Dumas
Via e-mail

Please resist the trend to put RS bumpers and the short spoiler on the car. And please don't make it a cartoon car like Hot Rod did with their F-Bomb. Look at the way Year One did the Bandit-not too subtle, but not over the top. Personally, I think the car in its present condition looks great.
Herb Bradley
Via e-mail

Make the name simple-my suggestion is F2 for second-gen F-body. If nothing else, just make sure to avoid anything that sounds tacky. Better yet, why not just call it the CHP Test Car?
Frank L.
Via e-mail


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