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Sean Haggai Nov 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

You may have noticed our Garage department shrinking a bit. We've been slowly integrating these items over on our blog at chevyhiperformance.com in order to bring the news to you in a more timely manner. Don't fret though, we still have room for all your letters, so keep 'em coming:

The letters have been overflowing and that's the way we like it. Our latest question regarding the direction of our '73 Camaro has sparked up quite an interest. All the suggestions have been great and they've even added a few new thoughts to consider. More importantly, something we should have noted earlier is that this is a long-term project vehicle, which means we will inevitably go through various stages of evaluating the latest components available for second-gens. We're getting closer to nailing down a name, so keep sending in your thoughts. Until then, here's a handful of the most recent letters to hit the mailbag. -Henry D

Project '73
OK, this is a no-brainer and a perfect time to test out the new DSE second-gen front clip. Throw in a 450hp streetable small-block and the five-speed and you have a capable cruiser that will work well on a track.

For brakes I would custom-build something using the six-piston calipers that the stock car guys use. It has custom brackets and hats and then it uses standard rotors and pads that you can find cheap. You can also find those calipers used for cheap from the stock car teams, especially since they replace stuff way before it wears out.

I have owned a couple first-gens, including a full Pro Touring ride with a Wayne Due front clip and a modded Corvette late-model EFI LT1. I also had a modified third-gen that saw autocross and track duty for nine years, along with a couple late-model Vettes. Now I race in the NASA CMC series with another third-gen race car-fun stuff!

Anyway, I know a lot of what works and what doesn't with these cars. Sounds like a fun project, I've been thinking about doing one like that myself someday.
Via e-mail

I've been building a '72 Camaro for about a year and I have done everything from the inside to the outside. We dropped in a small-block 400 (has lots of chrome), complete suspension upgrades with drop spindles, and a 700-R4 tranny that can handle up to 600 hp. We also changed the color to a deep black, including the bumpers and window trim, shaved the door handles, and installed an all-steel 2.5-inch cowl hood. We also rolled the quarters 1 inch to fit wider tires, added new glass all around, and redid the interior in white. I also ordered a set of Boyd Coddington Junk Yard Dogs, 20s out back with 18s up front. Of course, this is just to give you some ideas, but you should really name your project Sinister '73 and keep up the good work!
Thomas Hughes,
Pompano Beach, FL




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