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Sean Haggai Aug 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Hot Pursuit
I just started reading your magazine as an information source for an S-10 I'm building. I'll send pics when she's done. I saw the e-mail titled "Speed Zone" in your June '08 issue. I'm a retired police officer and get a kick out of people's stories about attempting to outrun the cops.

I've been a hot-rodder most of my life, so I was a natural choice to be assigned to pursuit detail. In the late '70s I was assigned a 440 Plymouth pursuit car. It was a dream come true: getting paid to drive fast on public streets! I'd been chased a few times so I took pride in never letting one get away.

One night about 2 a.m. I'm sitting in a parking lot adjacent to the expressway when an SS396 Chevelle pulls up to the light, sees me, gives me the finger, and burns out heading for the highway. The chase is on and after a few minutes my speedo is past 130 mph and I'm not gaining on him! I really want to catch this guy to preserve my record so I didn't put it over as a pursuit because it would get called off. Traffic is light at this time of night and we're passing it like it's backing up.

After about 50 miles my gas gauge is bouncing off empty and I'm approaching the last gas before Niagara Falls, which is another 50 miles. So I get off to get gas. I had to pay for it out of my own pocket rather than explain how I burned it without a radio call.

The only bright spot was later that month when we got our mileage results in, my Plymouth got the best mileage of the fleet (due to my unrecorded fill up)! I expect the Chevelle driver tells his version of this story and it's probably one of the few truthful ones.
Mike Boothby
Langton, Ontario, Canada

These are my favorite types of stories. Of course, I'm not advocating this type of behavior at all, but given the fact it happened in the past and no one go injured-it made for a great read. Thanks!

What Is It?
Referring to the June '08 issue, I wanted to comment on the full-page spread on Don Richardson's Sedan Delivery. Since I had a '39 Chevy, I'd say you goofed on your years; this one looks like it's closer to a '37 to me!
B. Volk
Via e-mail

I'm amazed at the number of responses we received on Don's ride. Truth be told, we were wrong, but it's actually a '38.

Well, look at that, we actually got some love from you folks. Thanks to those few that sent in letters, but don't start slippin'. Keep on putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and let us know what you think. Drop us an e-mail at chevyhi@sourceinterlink.com.

John Nelson
It's springtime in Southern California, which means it's already as hot as summertime, brush fire season has started, and CHP production schedules are tighter than ever. (Did you notice the "On the Cover" blurb where we said that it took about 21/2 weeks to get our three engine builds done?) So that means it's time for a little free association in this column as opposed to a coherent, thought-out screed. Enjoy...I hope.


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