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John Nelson Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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GM Drops Its Top
GM was in full force during the '07 L.A. Auto Show and made sure to showcase its full line, from compacts to musclecars and trucks. With the '09 Camaro right around the corner, and to help quench the thirst of all Camaro lovers, Chevy teased the crowd with a ragtop. That's right; if you weren't already aware of it, The General will be offering a convertible as well. --SH

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More Cars for Jay
Another catch at the L.A. Auto Show was a special-edition Corvette built for Jay Leno. Dubbed C6RS, it runs on E85 and puts out an easy 600 hp and 585 lb-ft, thanks to a 500ci LS mill from Katech Engine Building & Development. --SH

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Who among us hasn't dreamed about sitting behind the wheel of a '67 Corvette, especially a 435hp Tri-Power big-block car? The real thing is out of reach for most of us mere mortals, but with GMP's new 1:6 dashboard replica, anyone can get the feel of that legendary cockpit. The detail in this piece is beyond meticulous: Every switch and lever works, including the radio dials; the steering wheel turns; the glovebox and ashtray open; it comes with a real set of ignition keys; and it even has an owner's manual. Load it up with three AAA batteries and the dash lights come to life. And if you need your mini-dash to be useful as well as cool, it also comes with a business card holder. Check it out in either black or red by calling 800.536.1637 or visiting gmpdiecast.com. --JN

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Prestone Turns 80
We may take antifreeze for grant-ed these days, but when Prestone hit the market in 1927, there were 20 million cars on the road (as opposed to today's 217 million), and the ability to keep a car's cooling system from freezing in cold weather wasn't a sure thing. Back then, Prestone consisted of pure ethylene glycol in cans, with published charts showing the protection afforded by specific quantities. The concoction wouldn't boil away or burn and was relatively odorless, unlike some of the other antifreezing agents of the day: honey, sugar, molasses, and methyl alcohol. The formula has changed over the last 80 years, but Prestone is still producing a variety of antifreeze/coolants, as well a wide range of cooling system flush and cleaner products. For more information on the brand's 80th anniversary and Prestone products, visit prestone.com.

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Baby Buckets
Known as one of the leaders in high-performance and racing seat technology, Recaro also has you covered when you're doing kid transportation duty with its five new child safety seats, which the company says incorporate years of proven engineering and design to protect your children. The latest seats include the Como and Signo (shown), designed for children up to 8 years old weighing 5-70 pounds. Both feature Side Impact Protection, adjustable headrests, innovative latch-bar systems, a racing-inspired five-point harness system, and a comfortable ergonomic shape for an improved upright position for your youngster. Seats for children up to 12 years old and a new line for infants are also available. Visit recaro.com for more info. CHP


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