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John Nelson Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

The devil's in the details, the saying goes, and this is often the case with bolt-ons. Sometimes the struggle to get everything properly plugged in seems like a war, but when the spoils are more horsepower, then we, like you, keep coming back for more.

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Rooster Call
Has it been that long already? Six months seem to have flown by in the blink of an eye-it feels like last week I got hired here at CHP. A lot has happened in these short months, and I have a ton of respect for the team involved in making this magazine function month after month.

I hit this job running and received its crash course without a helmet. I've already got one testdrive event, SEMA, and PRI under my belt. And with the project El Camino, I've got my hands full. Along the way, I have skinned my knee a couple of times and stubbed my toe more times than I can count. I fully admit to being a rookie, the FNG if you will, still wet behind the ears. I'm fresh meat on deck and definetly no hot shot. I've got a lot to learn.

Heck, I wanted to work for a racemachine shop, join a race team, and tour the country; I never expected to be here. If it weren't for the guidance, help, and patience of this staff... well, I'm not going to get all soft on you, but let's just say never have I experienced a work environment where teamwork was a staple and practically a job requirement. A lending hand is literally only an office door away. I sincerely appreciate every bit of criticism and opinion in everything I try and accomplish here, even if it's about what color my shoes are. I accept commentary in every form because every sliver helps. And I rely on it later, ultimately producing higherquality stories and generating a better magazine for you.

You may not realize it-I certainly didn't-but I can confidently call these people friends as well as colleagues. It's rare to find an open-door policy, where you can actually sit with the "big guy" and throw around ideas for various projects. Quite frankly, to do it with such freedom is an awesome experience not shared by many. And if it weren't for them catching me every time I fell, this magazine wouldn't be what it is. They have an unbelievable amount of patience and have been providing me with guidance, which helps keep me on track. I can be certain this ain't a one-man show-it takes teamwork and the compilation of effort from many. Cheers!

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San Ramon, California's RJ Barranti is only 16 and he's already got a jump on the high-performance side of things. RJ's '79 Chevy Cheyenne (aka Black Sunshine) is a perfect foundation for adding go-fast goodies. Currently his 350ci small-block is bone stock, as is the factory Midnight Black paint. His plans include an Edelbrock intake and carburetor to aid the Flowmaster exhaust he's already installed. He loves driving his Big 10 Cheyenne to school and says it's a blast.


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