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John Nelson Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Saturday Night Special
What was the part number for the cam in Jan. '07's "Saturday Night Special" bigblock? I'm building a motor just like it!
Richard Donahue
Via e-mail

You got us; we definitely floundered on this one by leaving out the part number (Comp Cams 11-852-9). Oddly, it figures it would happen on a combination that's been getting quite a bit of attention.

Back Issues
I would like to purchase some back issues. Is it possible for me to receive these?
Dan Underwood Jr.
Shelton, WA

Lately, we're getting a lot of inquires regarding back issues, so we'll put this question out there for everyone. your best bet is to try primediabackissues.com; however, if they don't offer it, e-mail us again and we'll do our best to get a copy of the article to you.

Carbs & Altitude
Great mag. I've been reading it for years. I live in Colorado, where altitude plays a lot in attitude. What about an engine build specifically for our area? Living at 6k feet makes it a challenge to build motors and a chore to tune. I'd love to see dos and don'ts about carburetors and cams.
Ron Sims
Peyton, CO

I remember kevin discussing this topic in Performance Q&A a while back, but it's certainly worth revisiting.

Rated Pg-13
I'm thinking of purchasing this magazine for my 13-year-old son, but I would like to know if there are any inappropriate pictures here that I would not approve of him having, such as half-dressed women. I would appreciate your comments.
Taneyville, MO

Rest assured that we don't showcase "half-dressed women" here. will say that we did have a model in a car feature in the July '06 issue, but it was so tame that I don't even think anyone noticed her.

S-10 Coverage
I've been a subscriber for several years and really enjoy reading CHP. A lot of the info has helped me quite a bit, but I know I can't be the only person to ask for articles on small-block motors with automatics being installed into 2Wd S-10 pickups.
Stanley Wilcher
Mt. Washington, ky

Funny you should bring this up.was recently checking up on a 434ci-packing S-10 that could really lay down the numbers at the dragstrip. While people have been doing this for a while, it's something we need to follow up with. If any of you S-10 owners are reading this, send us pictures of what you have, and don't forget to give up the details.




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