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Also, be sure to pass some sunshine on to your coworkers. I really must mention that Kevin McClelland's Performance Q&A is the foremost source of inspiration for me. Hard facts, lots of links to follow, and a very personal touch to all his answers! He's a treasure for the whole Chevy community! Ever thought about the old Star Wars trick of carbonite-freezing him in order to save the knowledge for generations to come?

Thank you for the greatest mag on Earth. Keep filling our heads with great ideas, and yes, I would really like to see more high-revving small-blocks being built! Why not an old-school 283, 0.030-over, fuelie heads, solid cam, Crower-injected on alcohol? Yummie!
Peter Berglund, Sweden

Thanks, Peter. We all appreciate the kind words, and as a matter of fact, saving Kevin for the future through carbonite-freezing is an interesting thought, only I don't think his better half would take it too kindly. As for the sound clips, we're working on it, and you'll be able to hear all of our dyno sessions on our Web site soon enough.

Young Guns
Sixteen-year-old Zach Cole of Jackson, Georgia, loves to burn the hides of his awesome '70 Chevelle. To supply the mammoth power, he and his dad have assembled a 0.040-over 400 small-block fitted with S/R Torquer heads, a Crane cam, an MSD ignition, and a free-flowing Flowmaster exhaust system. The father-and-son project took just three years to finish. Other additions include Wilwood front-disc brakes, Richmond 3.55:1 gears, and an Eaton 12-bolt posi unit. The deep hue is Fathom Blue with Pearl White racing stripes.


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