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GM High-Tech Performance Readers Letters - Off The Wire

Rick Jensen Aug 1, 2006

Red Devil Writes
Greetings from Paktika Province, Orgun-E, Afghanistan. I'm a Parachute Infantry Company First Sergeant with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, based out of Vicenza, Italy. We're on our 14th month supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, and I'm on my 20th month away from my second love, my 1998 Camaro SS which is garaged in Virginia Beach, Va.

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I've been a subscriber to your magazine for some time now and enjoy every issue. As a matter of fact, one of my platoon sergeants is also an F-body owner (1997 TA), and also misses his garaged vehicle in Ohio. Both of us share the issues sent over by my wife, additionally sharing stories of mashing vehicles back on the streets of the U.S.

As much as our wives enjoy living in the land of pointy-toed high heels and designer handbags and furniture, we are both ready to leave the potholed country that produces some of the most expensive driving machines on earth (the main reason we left our treasures on U.S. soil). Driving the Autostrata brings back memories of shifting into Sixth gear on I-95 outside Fort Bragg, N.C., to pass a Cobra. I have to wake up from the dream as I motor the XC90 down past Padova at 120 kph!

Mario D. Cockrell

Great to hear from you, Mario! As much as we hate to have you and your fellow soldiers away from home, we can't tell you how much it means to all of us back here that you're taking care of business. Keep your heads down, save up that hazard pay, get home, and throw a few more mods on that SS. In regards to your F-body suspension questions, keep your eyes peeled for some hardcore suspension and handling tech coming up in GMHTP.

Looks Aren't Everything ... Are They?
I just picked up your May issue at the bookstore and was disappointed to learn GM has decided to wait a few more years to roll out a new Camaro. I can't believe GM is going to sit back and let Ford grab up more of their market share of vehicle owners in this group.

They've got a great looking concept in the Camaro. One look at it brought back something I saw in your sister publication High Performance Pontiac. This was the GTO I was hoping to buy instead of the G6-looking body style we got in 2004.

On to my question: on page 12 of your May 2006 issue, you mention that a new GTO is going to be released in 2008. Is this car going to resemble the concept car from 1999, or are we looking at another G6-looking disappointment?

Chuck Mooney
Munster, Indiana

While it will take a little longer for the new Camaro and GTO to come to market, all indications point toward two high-powered hot rods. As outstanding as the '04-06 GTOs are, we all know that a few styling tweaks would make it a must-have ride. GM is keen on this fact too-we can't guarantee that you'll love its looks, but we'll bet that it is a good sight more eye-catching than our current Goats.

Price Wars
I don't understand your assumption that the V-8 Fifth Generation Camaro can be built for $25,000. GM couldn't do it 2002, I don't see how they could do it in 2010.

Tom Pfeifer
Via e-mail

We didn't assume that it could, we merely stated that GM execs were quoted as saying they hope to price the Camaro to compete with the Ford Mustang. As the Mustang GT goes for mid-20s, that's the price they would need a base V-8 Camaro to be at to be competitive.

Give Us More...
First, thanks for continuing to make GMHTP grow and be on the cutting edge of GM performance. Thanks for continuing to support the F-Body, Y-Body, G-Body, and the Sy/Ty. And thanks for the coverage of the Impala SS Nationals and for throwing in a nice Impy now and then. But how about some more B-Body performance articles or buildups? How about either an Impala SS, Caprice, or maybe a Caprice Wagon or Buick Roadmaster Wagon buildup? Same motor and running gear, for the most part, and the bolt-ons and motors are the same.

Give us bigger family guys something to read about. I just like the bigger cars--inside and out--and this is the closest I can get with a GM right now since they no longer make a RWD, body-on-frame, V-8 passenger car. Plus, these can be scored at great prices nowadays. I think you could garner some good support from the B-Body enthusiasts out there!!! Eric Mann Via e-mail

I have been a subscriber to your magazine for quite awhile now. I have especially enjoyed the 10th Anniversary reprints from the back issues that I missed.

You guys go on and on about the LS1. It makes me wonder whether my lowly LT1 will be left out of coverage in GMHTP. Sure, the Gen III motors get all of the press, as well they should, but please guys, remember us Gen II owners.

P.S.-- I relished the "10 Best Budget Bolt-Ons" in the March 2006 issue!

Carlos Mac
Via e-mail

Don't worry Eric and Carlos, we've got lots of hardcore LT1-powered tech coming your way.



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