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Show Off Your Muscle With Coker Tire's New BFgoodrich Wide Profile Redline Radials -- Chevy High Performance

Manufactured in USA, Redline Radial Delivers the Ultimate Ride and Authentic Look For Muscle Cars and High-Performance Classics

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Bring out the badness in that Boulevard Cruiser, Hi-Po Hemi or classic Detroit Muscle with authentic tires that evoke memories of stoplight-to-stoplight challenges and smoky burnouts. Coker Tire Company, the world's largest supplier of classic and collector vehicle tires, today announces the availability of its all-new BFGoodrich(R) Wide Profile Redline Radial tires. Combining the classic BFGoodrich V-Block tread pattern and the distinctive appearance of a Redline sidewall, Coker has created what it calls "the ultimate muscle car tire."

"This is a 'must have' tire for collectors and restorers of Muscle Cars," says Corky Coker, president of Coker Tire Company. "These tires will deliver the indisputable look, the grip and grunt, the real nostalgia of the Muscle Car era. If you're into high performance machinery from the '60s and '70s, then you're going to have to have this tire!"

Coker Tire's BFGoodrich Redline Radials, which are manufactured in the U.S., combine modern tire construction and production techniques and state-of-the-art tire technologies with the look of authentic rubber from the Muscle Car era.

Initially Coker's BFG Silvertown redlines will be available in six sizes with an additional dual red P205/70R14 version available for Ford Mustangs of the 60's at $136 per tire.

The new BFGoodrich Redline Radials, as well as hundreds of other classic and collector car tires, wheels, special wheel and tire packages, vintage rims, tire and auto accessories and collectibles are available online through the company's easy-to-use website at


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