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Cadillac Cien V12 & Other News- Data Line

Sep 1, 2002
0209gmhtp_02_z Cadillac_cien_other_news Dateline 2/1

Cadillac V12 Likely for ProductionAccording to an Automotive News report filed April 22, top GM powertrain executives say the V12 in the Cadillac Cien is a good candidate for future elite powertrains. "We know that we need an image powertrain," vice president Thomas Stephens told AN. "It looks like it might be a good candidate for an image powertrain for us." The V12 would be the crowning jewel for the proposed $200,000 Cadillac Cien, but other GM vehicle programs have expressed an interest in the engine.

Other engine programs currently under consideration are: a high-performance naturally-aspirated four-cylinder making more than 170 hp, two V6 families (a dual overhead-cam with some variants making more than 250 hp, and a "value" overhead-valve engine capable of more than 230 hp), inline four- and five-cylinder engines for trucks (with variable exhaust timing and electronic throttle control), and a more powerful rear wheel-drive Northstar V8 for the Cadillac XLR and SRX.

Perhaps the best news of all is that the fourth-gen small-block V8 will debut in 2004, with increased power and cylinder deactivation. Cylinder deactivation will appear first in a sport utility as standard equipment, then ramped up into the rest of the SUV and pickup line over the next few years.

We'd really love to see the Gen Four in cars too!

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CTS To Get Corvette PowerA recent report off The Car Connection (www.thecarconnection. com) states that the Corvette's LS6 engine will appear with a 6-speed manual trans in the performance variant of the CTS. Not to be outdone, Lincoln has followed suit with plans for a 5-liter, 400-hp Lincoln LS. The goal: beat the BMW M5 in every turn.

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