New Chevy 454, 585 Gram Hollow Dome Forged Pistons

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Probe Industries is excited to release their new Chevy 454 forged pistons. The use of solid modeling design technology has made these the lightest weight and strongest off the shelf piston anywhere. A 454 stock rod, stock stroke, 4.280 bore, Max dome piston weights only 585 grams. They are forged of 2618 t-61 high strength alloy making suitable for nitrous applications. Other features include tight clearance skirt design, 1/16 1/16 3/13 ring grooves and double spiro lock grooves. Probe Chevy big block pistons are available for all strokes and rod lengths. All Probe pistons are available off the shelf at unbeatable prices.

For more info contact Probe Industries at 310-784-2977 or go to


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