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Rolling Out The Latest Custom Wheels And Performance Tires

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Group A/Autotrend
Looking for a unique wheel design to set your late-model Camaro apart from the crowd? Then you might want to check out the selection of quality ROH wheels available from Group A/Autotrend. The ZS design shown is a five-spoke wheel that comes with a satin silver metallic finish or a striking black-and-blue metallic finish. It's available in a variety of 16- and 17-inch sizes. Several other contemporary ROH wheel designs are also available. Group A/Autotrend: 251 E. Chilton Dr., Dept. SC, Chandler, AZ 85225; (602) 813-4776.

O.E. Concepts
In recent years Chevrolet has come up with some pretty attractive wheel designs of its own, many of which would look right at home on your performance car. That's why O.E. Concepts is offering a trio of OEM-style wheels. Included in the lineup are a 16x8-inch IROC-style wheel, a ZR1 Corvette-style wheel (17x9.5- or 17x11-inch) and a '00 Corvette-style wheel (17x8.5- and 18x9.5-inch). All are available with either a chrome or silver paint finish. O.E. Concepts: (877) 525-5697.

Performance Wheel Outlet
If you need to replace a damaged wheel on your late-model Camaro or Corvette, or just want to upgrade to polished or chrome-plated versions of it, Performance Wheel Outlet can help. Performance Wheel offers three styles of Corvette wheels (ZR1, C5, and Y2K) with fitments that will work on late-model Camaros. The company also offers IROC Camaro-style wheels in 16x8-, 17x8-, and 18x8-inch sizes. The IROC wheels are available with a polished or chrome-plated finish, while the 'Vette wheels come polished, plated or with a silver paint finish. Performance Wheel Outlet: 195 E. Redlands Blvd., Dept. SC, San Bernardino, CA 92408; (909) 825-5242.

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RK Sport
The goal at RK Sport is to make your late-model Chevy (Camaro, Corvette, Cavalier, Monte Carlo) more unique and a better performer. So it's natural that the company is offering a selection of custom wheels, including chrome OEM wheels. One of its more popular offerings for F-bodies is the 17-inch Winsome design. This strong, lightweight two-piece wheel offers style, performance, and quality for your Camaro. RK Sport: 214 Via El Centro, Dept. SC, Oceanside, CA 92054; (760) 433-1663; www.rksport.com.

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Stockton Wheel Service
The folks at Stockton Wheel specialize in steel wheels and old-school designs, so you know they can help you out with rally wheels, factory sport wheels, and vintage looking Smoothies like the one shown. Stockton can build you a set of custom steel wheels in a wide range of diameters, widths, and backspacing. A selection of late-model IROC and Corvette wheels is also offered. In addition, Stockton can repair your bent or tweaked wheels at its California facility. Stockton Wheel Service: 648 W. Fremont St., Dept. SC, Stockton, CA 95203; (800) 395-WHEEL; www.stocktonwheel.com.

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SLP Performance Parts
Another late-model F-body wheel offering comes from SLP Performance Parts, the company that basically re-introduced SS Camaros to the performance world. SLP sells the five-spoke, '96-97-style SS wheel. These wheels are available in 16x8- and 17x9-inch sizes with either a painted or chrome finish. The wheels are available in sets of four, with or without new tires. SLP Performance Parts: 1501 Industrial Way North, Dept. SC, Toms River, NJ 08755; (732) 349-2109; www.slponline.com.




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