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Another top name in the billet wheel world is Budnik. The company is celebrating 10 years in the business with its X Series line of wheels, which includes a variety of modern, exposed-lug designs. The X Series includes several styles that Chevy enthusiasts can get excited about, like the Tiller five-spoke and Grid designs shown. Both offer a style that would look good on either classic or modern street machines, and are available in 15- to 20-inch sizes. Budnik Wheels: 15251 Pipeline Ln., Dept. SC, Huntington Beach, CA 92649; (714) 848-1996; www.budnik.com.

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Center Line
Center Line wheels have been a top choice with racers (and race-oriented street guys) for decades with strong wheels like the Convo-Pro and Auto Drag (shown). But there's also a stylish street side to Center Line, which is shown off in the Billet wheel line. This line includes a wide variety of polished, contemporary styles like the Aztec shown here. As you would expect from Center Line, the wheels are high quality and offer plenty of strength for street machines. Most are available in 14- through 18-inch diameters. Center Line Wheels: 13521 Freeway Dr., Dept. SC, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670; (562) 921-9637; www.centerlinewheels.com.

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Colorado Custom
Another top name in the world of high-end, top-quality billet wheels is Colorado Custom. Well known in the street rod world, Colorado Custom wheels offer high quality and great style. The company has a wide variety of designs, but we think you might like the traditional-yet-modern Leadville, or the clean and contemporary Paradox that we've shown here. Colorado Custom wheels are available in 14- through 20-inch diameters. Colorado Custom: 363 Jefferson St., Dept. SC, Fort Collins, CO 80524; (970) 224-5750; www.coloradocustom.com.

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Capital Wheel
For some enthusiasts, a cool-looking OEM-style wheel is just as desirable as an aftermarket billet piece. Others just want to upgrade from base-model steel wheels to factory sport wheels. For those people, Capital Original Wheels offers a selection of Camaro- and Corvette-style wheels in several 16- and 17-inch sizes. The wheels are available in a polished, chrome or gray finish, with prices that are considerably less than what you pay at a dealership. Capital Original Wheels: 15326 S. Figueroa St., Dept. SC, Gardena, CA 90248; (800) 463-RIMS; www.capitalwheels.com

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The chrome-plated Cragar S/S five spoke was the wheel to have on a street machine in the '60s and '70s. Three decades later, the popular design is still available and is now being offered in 16- and 17-inch diameters in addition to more traditional sizes. Beyond that, Cragar is also offering a new take on the design-the S/S 980. This wheel retains the character of the old S/S, while updating its looks for more modern rides. It's the first S/S built for cars requiring a lot of positive offset, such as late-model Camaros and Corvettes. Cragar Industries: 4636 N. 43rd Ave., Dept. SC, Phoenix, AZ 85031; (602) 247-1300; www.cragar.com.

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D&B Wheels
The folks at D&B Wheels have always dealt in used factory wheels, and the past few years they've been offering chrome-plated versions of the popular IROC wheels. And now D&B is upping the ante by offering aftermarket versions of IROC wheels, which means they are now available not only in stock 16-inch diameters, but also in 18- and 20-inch diameters. Other D&B offerings include Camaro SS wheels and several Corvette wheel offerings. D&B Wheels: 4409 Mission Blvd., Dept. SC, Pomona, CA 91766; (800) 590-1702.




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