ET II Uni-Lug Wheel Restoration - What's Old IS NEW AGAIN

Bringing Life Back To Some Five-Spokes

Kevin Lee Sep 27, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Recently, when I brought home a well-worn '67 Camaro, I received an added bonus: the late-'60s classic was rolling on a fairly decent set of ET II Uni-Lug wheels that appeared to be in restorable condition.

New Ainlineimage 2/10

The old five-spokes are growing in popularity and, with the release of the American Racing Torque Thrust IIs a few years ago, they seem to be on almost everything. So much so that it is refreshing to see an old-cast-finish set amongst the sea of polished spokes.

Once I inspected the wheels closely, I came to the conclusion that they wouldn't be too hard to whip back into shape. I hate paint stripping with a passion, but had heard good things about Resto-Motive Laboratories' Por-Strip, so I decided to give it a try. As it turned out, it was the best paint-removing experience I've ever had. If it works on a complete car anything like it did on these wheels, it's well worth the money. Follow along to see how an old, tired set of vintage mags can be made to look like new again.




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