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If You’re Looking To Buy New Wheels For Your Camaro, Then One Of These 21 Wheel Companies Should Have Just What You’re Looking F

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Nitrous SE

Chip’s Foose Nitrous, in this polished, welded, two-piece version, has been a favorite of vintage and muscle car owners. Chip now introduces his “Nitrous Special Edition” available in three-piece or two-piece versions. Milled from a select block of forged aluminum, the Nitrous SE is engineered to allow clearance for the aggressive brake calipers on the new retro muscle cars debuting from Detroit.

The Forged center is bolted (blind bolts from the back) into a one-piece or two-piece flanged rim. A version with exposed bolts (bolts from the front) is also available upon request. Bolting the centers into the rim, instead of welding, allows for a vast array of finish options for both the center and the rim hoops.

Finishes: Chrome, polished, brushed, custom painted
Diameter: 19-22 inches
Width: 6-16 inches
Backspacing: Custom
Weight: Varies–titanium bolts and lightening pockets available
Pricing: $800-$3,000

Source: Foose Wheels

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S/S Super Sport 612

This was one of the first aftermarket wheels to make it big. The 61-series S/S wheel only comes in 14-inch diameter, reserving it for old-school street machines. It’s a timeless wheel that can be plugged into any muscle car and look right. Cragar’s larger version of the same wheel, the 612 series, comes in 17- and 18-inch diameter to fit the newer style of bigger wheels. The 61 series are two-piece wheels with a chrome-plated steel outer barrel and a polished aluminum center pressed in. The 612’s are also two-piece, but utilize a spun aluminum barrel to cut down on weight.

Finishes: Polished or chrome
Diameter: 17-18 inches
Width: 7-11 inches
Backspacing: Custom
Weight: 20-24 pounds
Pricing: $340-$420

Source: Cragar

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Inertia Bassett
Bassett Racing is a leader in steel racing wheels. These aren’t your regular stamped wheels available at the tire shop down the street. They’re made for hard-core racing. Bassett has the ability to make any of their 15-inch rims in just about any width and backspacing. Best of all, they’re affordable. They aren’t DOT approved, but they seem to hold up well on the track where 200 mph speeds, and fender-to-fender shoving matches are commonplace. Since they are built for racing they are also as light as allowed.

Finishes: Silver, black, chrome, custom powdercoat
15 inches Width: 8-15 inches
Backspacing: 1-7.5 inches
Weight: 19-24 pounds
Pricing: $69-$170

Bassett Wheel

Camp 0906 22 Camaro Wheels Rims Inertia Bassett 4/25

Convo Pro
Center Line

Meet Center Line’s biggest contribution to drag racing history: the Convo Pro. Each wheel is built to withstand the abuse from the high-horsepower Camaros that wear them. They’re also approved by many sanctioning bodies, so you know you’ve got a wheel that is lightweight, yet hasn’t given up any strength.

Finishes: Polished lip, machined center
Diameter: 15-16 inches
Width: 4-15 inches
Backspacing: Custom
Weight: 9-18 pounds
Pricing: $175-$980

Source: Center Line Wheels

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