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If You’re Looking To Buy New Wheels For Your Camaro, Then One Of These 21 Wheel Companies Should Have Just What You’re Looking F

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Utilizing high-intensity forged centers, Bonspeed offers top-shelf quality and design detail at a price that won’t send you into sticker shock. The Bonspeed line of wheels are manufactured to exacting tolerances and made entirely in the good ol’ United States! They ensure that each wheel has a show-quality look for the street by using deep recess soft lip rims, and high quality 6061-T6 aluminum for a premier surface shine and high strength. Their wheels feature hidden valve stems and solid billet center caps with a deep engraved logo. It’s this attention to detail that makes Bonspeed wheels a quality product.

Finishes: Brushed, polished, clear, and custom colors
Diameters: 17-24 inches
Width: 7-15 inches
Backspacing: Custom
Weight: 26-33 pounds
Pricing: $531-$1,265

Source: Bonspeed

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Hot Rod
American Racing

No need to search the swap meets and Internet auctions to find yourself a set of old-school wheels. These “Magnum 500” style wheels give you the best of both worlds. Back in the day, these were found on just about everything. If you want a truly classic look for your Camaro with a touch of performance, then look no further. These wheels are available in larger sizes to accommodate the new-style rubber and larger brakes more commonly found on today’s street cars.

Finishes: Polished lip, painted deep center
Diameter: 15-17 inches
Width: 7-12 inches
Backspacing: 3.75-7 inches
Weight: 21-30 pounds
Pricing: $200 - $300

Source: American Racing

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Schott Wheels

The G5 wheel by Schott was born from a multi-spoke style established early in the history of road racing. Many companies have adopted the style and made it their own. Schott’s has updated the look with a flat lip and seamless polishing that will definitely make your Camaro stand out in the crowd. All of their wheels use their special Cover-Loc system to hide the lugs.

Finishes: Polished, brushed, or anodized
Diameter: 18-20 inches
Width: 7-15 inches
Backspacing: Custom
Weight: 24-33 pounds
Pricing: $690-$1,320

Source: Schott Wheels

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Budnik Wheels

For over ten years, Budnik has been designing and manufacturing wheels and accessories with personality, dedication, and style. They’ve also invested heavily in forged tooling. The same structural benefits utilized by such critical applications as race engines and aerospace are now incorporated into every Budnik Wheel produced.

Each Budnik wheel starts life as a heat-treated forged-billet center. Then the delicate machining operations begin. First comes the turning procedures in their CNC lathes where the centers are machined for both appearance and balance. At this point the CNC mills drill the lug holes, then all the right areas are machined to expose the original Budnik design. A seemingly endless amount of time is spent polishing the wheel to a flawless mirror finish. The details are never overlooked.

Finishes: Polished, brushed, and powdercoat
Diameter: 15-22 inches
Width: 5-15 inches
Backspacing: Custom
Weight:16-30 pounds
Pricing: $336.00-$1,450.00

Source: Budnik Wheels

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