Dorman Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors - The TPMS Fix

Plug in these aftermarket tire pressure sensors and turn that light off in your dash

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I happened to be perusing Summit Racing’s redesigned website, which recently added a section on its homepage for Late Model Muscle. Naturally the fifth-gen Camaro was one of the three choices, and since I wanted to check out the tire options (having recently added some Weld wheels to our 2012 Camaro SS project) – I clicked on the Wheels and Tires section. The first thing that caught my eye was a set of Dorman tire pressure monitor sensors (TPMS). Why, you might ask, would I be interested in this product for a brand-new car with less than 3,000 miles on the clock? Well, as luck would have it, in the process of transferring the TPMS on the stock wheels to the new Weld Racing wheels, the valve stems were damaged and started leaking significantly on at least one wheel. Some shops recommend installing traditional metal valve stems, throwing the TPMS in the trash, and putting some tape over the gauge cluster to block out the warning light. But, the Dorman TPMS (PN RNB-974-009) come with metal valve stems and are a fraction of the cost of the GM sensors at under $31. So I figured we’d give them a shot in the name of science. After just a few clicks, the sensors were in route from the Georgia shipping center to our Tampa, FL headquarters.

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