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Courtesy Of Toyo Tires Sep 1, 2009

We all use our GM vehicles in different way. Some of us are hardcore dragsters while others are street dominators and some love to wreak havoc with there SUV's. Whatever you do with your vehicle Toyo Tires has the tire that will suit your needs.

Founded in the United States in 1966, Toyo Tires has always been known for there performance tires which serves the need for luxury vehicles, high performance cars and trucks & SUV's. Being a huge supporter of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Toyo makes DOT tires as well as slicks.

Here is a list of tires that was specifically chosen to help you with the right tire for your GM vehicle:

Ultra High Performance

0909gmhtp_01_z Toyo_proxes 888 2/12

Proxes R888
The Proxes R888 is the Official Tire for Speed World Challenge. This R-compound D.O.T. approved competition radial which is ideal for road racing and track days. It features a semi-slick shoulder area to increase cornering force and a unidirectional tread pattern with v-shaped grooves to enhance wet traction and control. A rounded outer shoulder helps to maintain tire contact, even during changes in suspension geometry. A continuous center contact delivers excellent directional control during hard braking. The Proxes R888's 6/32nd-inch tread can be shaved for maximum dry traction.

Available Sizes:
Diameters: 13"-19"
Widths: 185mm-335mm
Height: 60-30

0909gmhtp_02_z Toyo_proxes R1r 3/12

Proxes R1R
The Proxes R1R is an extreme performance tire for high performance sport coupes and sedans which makes it ideal for aggressive street driving. It has a dynamic arrowhead tread pattern for excellent water drainage and wet performance. Its wide footprint delivers maximum dry weather traction and an aggressive appearance for the enthusiast driver. A high steel side ply ensures a rapid steering response, while a spiral-wound cap helps provide high-speed stability.

Available Sizes:
Diameters: 15"-18"
Widths: 195mm-275mm
Height: 55-35

0909gmhtp_03_z Toyo_proxes T1r 4/12

Proxes T1R
Toyo's Proxes T1R is the latest generation UHP radial designed exclusively for high-end sport sedans and coupes. It takes advantage of computer simulation technology providing high-speed stability in both dry and wet conditions with low noise and ride comfort. The tread pattern features rigid shoulder rib-bands that deliver excellent dry handling while resisting irregular wear for less tire noise. The V-shaped main grooves and the silica compound deliver superior wet performance.

Available Sizes:
Diameters: 14"-22"
Widths: 185mm-315mm
Height: 55-25

All-Season Ultra-High Performance

0909gmhtp_04_z Toyo_proxes 4 5/12

Proxes 4
One of the most popular tires for trucks and SUV's with large aftermarket wheels the Proxes 4 features a W-shaped unidirectional tread design, which is both attractive and has aggressive grip. The Proxes 4 features Toyo's "Generation S" silica-reinforced, high grip tread compound for exceptional all-season traction and durability. Tmode design technology, another Toyo exclusive, results in a smooth, quiet ride. In addition, steering response is improved by using a hard, bead filler compound. A modern, high-image sidewall design, coupled with the Proxes 4's aggressive, high-angle tread grooves, enhances the appearance and performance of today's cars, trucks and SUV's.

Available Sizes:
Diameters: 15"-28"
Widths: 195mm-305mm
Height: 55-25

High Performance; SUV, Sport Truck and Select Crossovers

Proxes ST II
The Proxes ST II tire was created for today's SUV's, sport trucks and select crossovers. The fresh design and advanced tread elements of the Toyo Proxes ST II deliver the perfect balance of style and performance with a luxurious image, superb handling, confident all-season performance and consistent wear. This high tech design, coupled with Toyo's Silent Wall technology, results in unparalleled noise reduction.

Available Sizes:
Diameters: 16"-26"
Widths: 225mm-305mm
Height: 65-25

D.O.T. Approved Drag Radial

0909gmhtp_07_z Toyo_proxes Dot_drag_radial_tires 8/12

Proxes TQ
The Proxes TQ is a D.O.T.-approved drag radial tire designed specifically for high-horsepower muscle cars and street machines to deliver power when at the track. Featuring a dual-purpose low-void asymmetric tread design, the Proxes TQ has a semi-slick inner area to improve traction on independent rear suspension vehicles, while still optimizing grip on straight-axle, rear suspension vehicles.

Combined with the Tmode design technology, drag radial tread compound, and special drag-race radial construction, the Proxes TQ delivers a smooth, quiet ride on the street and quicker 60-foot times at the track.

Available Sizes:
P255/50R16, P275/45R16, P275/40R17, P315/35R17, P345/40R17 and P315/35R18.

Competition Drag Tires

0909gmhtp_08_z Chevy_corvette With_toyo_drag_slicks 9/12

Proxes Drag Slicks & Free-Rolling Tires
The bias-ply, Proxes Drag Slicks provides remarkable consistency, regardless of track temperature, to help minimize changes in chassis setup.

Free Rolling Front Tires feature extremely low rolling resistance and weigh as little as 10-lbs. each.

Available Sizes:
28.0X9.0-15, 29.0X9.0-15 and 30.0X9.0-15 for IHRA/NHRA "Stock" class, manual transmission cars; 32.0X14.5-15, 33.0X16.0-15 and 33.0X 17.0-15 targeting NHRA Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Stock, Super Street, Super E, Top Sportsman/Dragster and similar classes, also IHRA Quick Rod, Super Rod, Hot Rod, Top Sportsman/Dragster and similar classes.

Sizes for space-limited RWD and FWD sport compact vehicles include a 25.0X9.0-15 and a 26.0X9.0-15. Free rolling sizes include 25.0X4.5-15, 26.0X4.5-15 and 27.5X4.5-15.

For more info about Toyo Tires please visit or to find a Toyo Tire reseller please call 800-442-8696 (6:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time) or 888-444-8696 (9:30am to 8:00pm Eastern Time)



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