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Mickey Thompson ET Drag Wheels - Light Speed

Lighter Is Faster With Mickey Thompson's New ET Drag Wheels

Since the early '60s, Mickey Thompson (M/T) Tires have been propelling some of the quickest and fastest doorslammers in the country. Be it a full tilt race car or an occasional grudge night special, M/T offers baloneys in every size imaginable. Need a strip-only tire? There's the ET Drag. Want maximum traction both on and off the street? M/T offers a complete DOT-approved line, including the ET Street and ET Street Drag Radial. And with such a successful line up, it was only a matter of time before M/T would complement its tires with a new purpose-built drag-racing wheel, dubbed the ET Drag Wheel.

These beauties feature a lightweight construction that weighs a paltry 8 pounds for the 15x3.5-inch pizza cutters. A 15x8 rear weighs 12.2 pounds, and the 15x10-inch comes in at just 13.4 pounds. Notably, the front wheel is a one-piece forging that's fully CNC-machined. The rears feature a three-piece construction with special forge-formed inners and outers and a forged center, and they are also fully CNC-machined.

Will these wheels reduce your elapse times at the dragstrip? Suffice to say, if you're still using the factory sneakers for rolling stock, then you'd better believe it. By reducing the rotational mass, the lighter wheels allow the car to accelerate more quickly. Bear in mind, these wheels are not designed for use on public roads as their extremely light nature prevents them from being very adaptive to potholes and rough road surface. In other words, don't cry foul if you go against our recommendations and bend one.

All said and done, the new ET Drag Wheels are fetching eye candy for all quarter-mile enthusiasts, and to call them anything less than spectacular would be a serious understatement. With its solid construction and wide variety of sizes, Mickey Thompson has created another winner for years to come. Every forged one-piece ET Drag Wheel is dual-drilled for weight reduction and universal fitment with both 5x4.5- and 5x4.75-inch bolt circles (shown here are aftermarket plugs to accentuate the opposite bolt pattern.)


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