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The Old Dog Meets New Tricks!

The last oil filter youwill ever buy

James Miles Jul 21, 2005
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We've seen a lot of trick items on the market. Some work, while a few donothing more than look pretty. The yearly SEMA show, held in Las Vegas,is the premier aftermarket showcase where both extremes are in full view(we reported on several such displays in our June issue). Pure Power ofHuntington Beach, California, was one of the many businesses that madeits presence known at SEMA and was more than happy to talk shop withTeam VETTE about one of its many products.

Touted as a "Lifetime OilFilter System," Pure Power's undercar can does what other filters donot: its job. "How can that be?" you may ask. Your Vette really doesfilter its oil, just not in the literal definition of the word. As yourchoice of synthetic- or mineral-based liquid finishes each pass, itflows across--not through--the media packed inside each filter. Sometimes,this filter catches rogue particles, sometimes not. Given enough time,this gunk (if caught to begin with) can escape and rush right back intoyour engine block, adding to engine, seal, and component wear. PurePower's filter, on the other hand, forces your used oil through a finemetal mesh which traps all debris 30 microns and smaller. For reference,a human hair is 100 microns in diameter, while a particle 10 microns indiameter is the smallest size visible to the human eye. So, needless tosay, this is going to get your fluid pretty clean (as well as keep itclean) in the first pass. Cleaner oil means the engine doesn't have torun as hard, so, technically, it will need less gas at the pump andproduce fewer emissions. Environmentally speaking, this also means lesswaste in the form of spent filters.

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With just a twist of the wrist, the filter separates from its sleeve.Now exposed is a fine metal mesh made of a deep-pleated, duplex-wovenT304 stainless steel. This will stop a wayward 30-micron particle withno problem. For reference, a human hair is 100 microns in diameter,while a particle 10 microns in diameter is the smallest visible to thehuman eye.

Speaking of less waste, the LifetimeOil Filter System is just that--good for a lifetime. Since this system iscleanable, this could very well be the last oil filter you buy. Duringeach oil change, just unscrew, drain, and open. After you've finishedmarveling at the dirt floating around the inside of the stainless-steelcup, clean with soap and water or a parts washer, let it dry, and it'sready for reuse. How can you go wrong? Team VETTE decided we couldn'tand picked up a piece for review.

The filter is available for allgenerations of Corvettes, so we settled on our '87 "Son of Zombie" as atest bed. After all, you can't kill the undead--but you can resurrectthem as yet another VETTE project car. Since we had changed the oil theday before the item arrived, we felt this would be a good chance toprove the usefulness of a trick filter using clean oil. Installation isjust as simple as any other Fram or Mobile One filter. After we finishedputting some time on the engine, we waited for the L98 to cool down andemptied the filter. How well did it work? Check out the photos andsidebar. But if you want an actual quote, all we can say is, "Wow!"

The Good:

Reusable. Just clean and go. Foolproof. Open it up and see thedifference. Strong construction using 6061 T-6 forged billet aluminumhousing. Space-age filter media using deep-pleated, duplex-woven T304stainless steel

The Bad:

Since the Pure Power product is fully- filtering the oil by runningevery drop through a fine mesh, you're looking at a 5-8-psi increase inpressure. This is nothing to any Corvette we've met, so you can't beatthe results.

The Ugly:

This item may be cost prohibitive for some since this is no $5 filter.Retail for this Corvette ran $199, but the Pure Power filter does itsjob.



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