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Corvette Seats Modifications - Ready, Seat, Go!

We whip our C5's thrashed thrones back into shape, with a little help from Corvette Central

James Miles Jan 11, 2012
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Over the last few months, we've subjected our '02 C5's interior to a bottom-up overhaul. Starting with the carpets, we improved the look, sound, and heat resistance of the cabin. Next, we replaced just about everything we could remove with upgraded--and color-coordinated--hardware. This month, we head straight for the checkered flag, with one of the biggest improvements of all: the seats.

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Whether it's used as a daily driver or a drag car, your Vette is one of the best places to be when "the action" happens. But after a time, even routine wear and tear can add up--not to mention UV damage, the occasional spill, and more. Eventually, your seats' leather will lose its luster and take on the look and feel of colored cardboard. Assorted cleaning products and special care can lengthen seat life, but what if you're not the original owner, and the previous guy used your car as a mobile office? That's our issue.

With 150,000 miles--most of which were put on in a two-year span--our Vette's skins were looking a little threadbare. But with aftermarket companies such as Corvette Central offering better-than-original alternatives, a refresh was as simple as placing an order. For our install, we continued the red-on-black theme and picked out a set of two-tone custom leather saddles with stitching accents. We also picked up the prerequisite seat-foam set and a few minor bits and pieces that improved the look of our chairs dramatically.

While installation doesn't require a pro, the uninitiated should be ready to spend far more time heating and stretching the leather--a required step for a perfect fit--than on the rest of the install. But patience will be rewarded in spades with a really great-looking pair of reskinned seats. Upgrade projects just don't get any cooler than that.


Corvette Central
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