C5 Window and Door-Lock Mechanisms - What Goes Up…

Ins and outs of C5 windows and door-lock mechanism

Jay Heath Jan 11, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Loving Corvettes--and particularly older Corvettes--requires a special commitment on the part of the enamored, inasmuch as the cars' laudable driving dynamics tend to be at least partly overshadowed by a litany of marque-specific mechanical foibles. And while improvements in design, material quality, and production techniques have gone a long way toward erasing bad, old memories of dodgy vacuum systems and leaky brake seals, even recent iterations of Chevy's fleet two-seater are susceptible to a few well-documented equipment failures.

In the case of the C5, two such failure-prone items are the power-lock actuator and the window-regulator assembly. Fortunately both parts are located just behind the door panel and are easy to access using basic hand tools. What follows is an overview of the replacement process--one that even a novice mechanic should be able to perform in around an hour (per side).


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Replacing your C5's window and door-lock mechanisms
Jay Heath Jan 11, 2012


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