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Looking to give your C5's interior more visual impact? The right dress-up items can make all the difference?

James Miles Dec 13, 2011
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Looking to give your C5's interior more visual impact? The right dress-up items can make all the difference

Not long ago we showed what was involved in replacing a C5's tired carpeting. This month we'll go one step further by taking a look at some of the interior accessories Corvette Central and CorvetteHID offer to make your '97-'04 Vette stand out even more.

It's been said that the little things make all the difference. And no statement is truer when used in reference to your car's interior. Giving your cockpit a once-over with subtle visual cues is not only pleasing to the eye, it's easy on your wallet. Everything included in this story was low buck, and virtually all of the parts were also easy to install. The only real work was deciding which items would look best in our '02.

The entire job consumed just a couple of hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the effort paid off in spades. Who'd have thought you could change your car's whole attitude by just adding a few color-coordinated details? Yes, it really is all about the little things.

C6 Gauges on a C5?

Recently we came across Corvette Central's great-looking new C6 Gauge Face Kit. While hunting for a suitable C6 in which to install one, a friend asked, "Would those fit on a C5?" With our '02 already apart, and no suitable non-EL (electro-luminescent) kit out there to our liking, we decided to give it a shot. After all, the faces are virtually the same size.

As you'll see, the end result was pretty astounding. But while everything lined up nearly to factory specs, the warning lights were not in the same position. So unless your C5 has a HUD, or you always keep a close eye on the gauge readings, we can't offer an unqualified thumbs-up on this project. However, for the curious, here's how it looked.


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