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Part 2: A FAST LSX intake manifold nets big power on our ’02 C5

James Miles Oct 20, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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In last month’s issue, we spent some time prepping our ’02 C5 for a FAST 92mm LSX intake-manifold swap. This month, we’ll wrap up the job by decking out our Vette’s LS1 with the new FAST piece. As this is a relatively easy procedure, the only things a dedicated DIY’er should need are a decent set of tools, a set of C5 Service Manuals, and a quick run to the local speed shop for some passes on the dyno.

Vemp 1111 01 O FAST LSX Intake 2/22

Speaking of dynos, a big thanks goes to the guys at Enhanced Street Performance, Inc., who provided theirs in furtherance of our quest for higher horsepower. Their service was fast, friendly, and accurate in regards to diagnosing a few minor issues we encountered along the way.

Vemp 1111 02 O FAST LSX Intake Manifold 3/22

Now, without further ado, let’s get to going faster and breathing easier.

Editor’s Note: Since this project was completed, FAST has replaced the 92mm LSX with a 102mm version. This new intake is also compatible with the LS1 engine and should perform at least as well as its predecessor in that application.

Step By Step

Afterwards, Enhanced Street Performance gave us the good news. Our baseline of 261 rwhp increased to 281—a 20-horse difference! Torque also increased, from 269 lb-ft to 285. Not bad for a few hours of work. Join us next month as we wrap up our LSX install with a PCM-tuning session. VETTE


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